10 Features to Include in Your Grocery App to Make Shopping Easy

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  • Ankit Patel Ankit Patel
  • September 08, 2022
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With technology seeping deeply into our lives, starting from ordering meals to even ordering groceries, the presence of an app has allowed in digitizing these experiences completely for the customer. Here we will however discuss in detail about grocery shopping that has seen itself witnessing an altogether digital transformation thanks to the presence of the grocery delivery app.

The app has extremely simple operations- wherein the customer simply upon entering their location details gets empowered with a list of grocery stores nearby. Thereafter they obtain the flexibility to pick a store of their choice and order items they want upon making payment for the same and get the convenience to track the items until final delivery gets made.

So you see, all in all, the app has extremely simple functionalities. This is a major reason why those working towards giving a unique touch to their supermarket store are incorporating the app.

As you read the article below, you will gain insight into the lucrative nature of the app through statistics. You will then get knowledge in the areas listed below-

  • Factors responsible for the standout nature of the on demand grocery app
  • Reasons the grocery app is a boon in disguise for grocery setups
  • Features to add to your app
  • Steps to follow during grocery app development
  • Cost of grocery app development

Statistics Depicting Profitable Scope of Grocery Delivery App

Let us get an overview of the statistics that depict the overall lucrative nature of the online grocery shopping app.

  1. The value of the global online grocery market was $285.70 billion in 2021.
  2. In 2020, the sales through the grocery shopping app grew by 63.9% in 2020.
  3. In 2025, the revenues through the online grocery shopping app will be $243.67 billion.

Through these numbers, you must be wondering about the factors that contribute to these attractive statistical figures. In the lines below, we give you an insight into the area and the reasons why the grocery delivery app is popular.

Reasons for Popularity of Grocery Delivery App

  1. Is convenient. Allows customers to locate different household items in one single place and shop them.
  2. Gives brand visibility. The online grocery shopping app gives traditional supermarket stores the support to get brand visibility by educating customers about the services they provide.
  3. Automates supermarket store management. Starting from inventory, to order, to task assignment, everything gets streamlined for the grocery store through the app.

Knowing the factors contributing to the online grocery shopping app’s popularity, you know now why the solution is worth adopting after all for the traditional grocery setup.

It will allow the store to digitize the way it performs grocery store management, cutting down on infrastructure costs and assisting customers to find grocery items in a rather convenient manner. So, it is a boon in disguise for traditional grocery setups.

Hence, if you are also one that has been operating an offline supermarket store and wishes to get their services known among a large percentage of customers, you must include some important elements in the app. This will allow the app to function effectively and ensure easy grocery delivery services take place.

Develop Grocery App – Add these 10 Features

Check out the image below to gain insight into the ten features you should remember to add when you develop grocery app so customers conveniently shop for grocery items and have the delivery at the doorstep.

grocery app features

• Biometric Sign Up

To protect the data of customers and keep security at prime, the feature that you can add to make this possible is biometric signup. Simply through face detection or fingerprint sensor, the customer can enter into the app and start operating it.

• Voice Search

With a voice recognition tool included in your grocery delivery app, you can boost its value to the greatest extent. This is because simply through the recognition of the user’s voice, different search results would get displayed for them in terms of the services they wish to access from the app.

• Wishlist

If you wish that users can save their items for later so they can conveniently shop them, the wishlist feature is worth including. This will allow them to get the comfort to buy the products they want as per their flexibility, on a time and date they want.

• Frequent Orders

Want your customers to know about orders they made in the past so in case they wish to reorder those items, they can do so with ease? The frequent orders feature is the element you should include in your solution to allow this to take place with added convenience and comfort.

• Order Scheduling

To ascertain that customers can buy grocery items as per their flexibility – at a time and on a date they want, the order scheduling feature is to be included. This will give customers the comfort to order grocery items on a date and time they wish and have their delivery done on the date they assign delivery.

• Platform Integration

This is a unique feature that is slowly and steadily gaining prominence and popularity among a greater percentage of customers. With this feature, users can share and fetch items from different platforms and boost engagement levels and increase user numbers.

• Payment Options

A feature that you need to include in your grocery app to allow customers to seamlessly make payments for the grocery items they shopped for is the addition of payment options. Consider different payment options – cash, card, wallet to your app to boost loyalty towards your app.

• Profile Customization

Make your on demand grocery delivery app a solution that creates easy connectivity. Hence, include the profile customization feature. This will allow users to upload their pictures into the app, share details about them, and educate other customers about items they like to order the most.

• Fastrack Delivery

Include the Fastrack delivery mode into your grocery delivery app. Through this, your users can get immediate delivery of their grocery items. All they need to do is tap on the Fastrack delivery mode and make an extra payment. Thereafter they get the delivery at a fast speed.

• Recipe Corner

Want to educate customers through your app? Want more of the users to remain engaged with your app? Include the recipe corner in your grocery app for users to read recipes for products they purchase.

Knowing the features that will allow you to create a revolutionary online grocery shopping app, you are a step closer to start your online grocery business with a bang.

Follow the steps below and see yourself becoming a source of inspiration for grocery setups yet to digitize their operations with this app.

Steps To Follow – How to Develop Grocery App?

  1. Conduct research on competitors and the grocery app they developed.
  2. Understand the design used in their app and study if it addresses the customers concerns.
  3. Check features that are present in their solution and identify the missing ones.
  4. Comprehend if the inclusion of those missing elements will boost the value or not for you and add accordingly.
  5. Connect with a grocery app development company overseas to stay ahead of the competition.

Why Partner with a Company Overseas?

Outsourcing on demand grocery app development services or connecting allows traditional grocery setups to save on costs and time for building the app.

The reason being, building an app from scratch consumes enormous time and finances. With a partner from overseas you get the support to capitalize on these.

Estimated Cost for On Demand Grocery App Development Services

Look at the table below to educate yourself on the estimated cost for on demand grocery app development services.

Name of Location Price for Grocery App Development
USA $60 TO $140 per hour
Europe $20 to $90 per hour
India $10 to $40 per hour

The table gives overview of the cost of on demand grocery app development services. Note here- that the finances mentioned above are not static. They may go up or down based on complexity of app design, the advanced set of features, and so on. Hence, ascertain to keep these areas balanced to keep finances in check.

Wrapping Up

To walk your way into a path filled with immense revenues for your online grocery shopping setup, you need to ascertain when you develop grocery app; you focus on the customer. In other words, automate the shopping experiences. Ascertain that your app makes it easy to e-generate invoices and perform inventory management and other related tasks. Do this by including the best set of features in the app. You can alternatively get in touch with a grocery app development company overseas. Understanding your business requirements, they will give you a solution-driven towards quality grocery delivery services anytime, anywhere.

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