Carrefour Clone – Solution to Profitable Grocery Market in UAE

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  • February 14, 2023
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Thanks to different forms of advancements happening in the world of technology, the way people lead their lives has also witnessed a transformation.

Take, for instance, a place like UAE which was earlier known as a major oil exporter, saw itself imbibing new ways of life, like the on-demand services. The inception of on demand grocery delivery app solutions like Carrefour became a source of support for those who wished to shop for groceries online in the region. It alternatively became a source of inspiration for those who wanted to build a profitable grocery empire there.

So, what are the factors responsible for the popularity of the on demand grocery delivery solutions in the region? Also, what is the driving force behind the popularity of this app that has inspired businesses to embark on the journey of grocery app development?

We will discuss these two aspects in the article, followed by the steps whose adherence will allow businesses to create an app on similar lines to build a prominent presence in the region.

Facts and Figures for Growth of Online Grocery Market in UAE

To counter issues such as commute, long wait time, etc, online shopping app development saw its popularity and growth. The market witnessed growth due to the rising smartphone penetration in the region.

Take a peek at the image below to gain insight into this aspect.

online grocery market stats

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Let us now look at these stats below to get a comprehensive idea of the profitable nature of grocery delivery app solutions in the region.

  1. The number of users has gone up by 25.1% in 2023.
  2. Average revenues generated per user has been $268,90 in 2023.
  3. Profits made by the market are cited to become $1897 million by 2027.
  4. The number of users is slated to become 3.2 million by 2027.

Take a peek at the image below to gain insight into this aspect.

market stats grocery apps

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Inception of Carrefour App like Grocery App Solutions in UAE

Looking at the graph above, you can understand that courtesy of the presence of grocery delivery app solutions in UAE, the market has seen steady growth taking place. Particularly thanks to Carrefour app like grocery app solutions that had their launch in 2021 in UAE, the market saw its prominence growing even more.

The app is known for making available a diverse array of products to customers living in UAE starting from Dubai to Abu Dhabi.

Having extremely simple operations, followed by containing some of the best set of features; the platform ensures smooth grocery delivery services to take place.

All that customers need to do is enter the app, and add their location details. Thereafter, they get a list of stores nearby and chooses one of their choice and taps on the items they want, and places order. Once they do this, the store receives the order and accepts it. They next assign a delivery driver who picks the order up and gets the delivery done to the customer. During this stage, the customer is notified of this, and the customer and delivery driver can track one another after the delivery is done.

All these factors thereupon have led to the popularity of the solution growing ever more.

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Business Model of Carrefour App

As we stated in the lines above; Carrefour has extremely simple operations. Do you want to know the business model it implements to make this possible?

The app has three main segments- consumers, delivery providers, and stores. To ensure streamlined grocery delivery services, the solution implements the hyper-local model. This allows different tasks like supply chain management, customer service, etc., to take place smoothly.

Revenue Model of Carrefour App like Grocery App Solutions

Carrefour over the years since its launch has ensured to earn the maximum amount of customers by implementing new methods for making grocery delivery possible. This is courtesy of the implementation of a unique revenue model.

Here are the revenue models that the solution incorporates-

  • Convenience fee above the amount paid by customers for the order.
  • Advertising fees from stores listed on the platform for different promotional activities like promotion, etc.
  • Revenue share of 15% to 30% from stores.

Steps To Enter the Journey of Grocery App Development

Knowing the different factors that have led to the popularity of online grocery app solutions like Carrefour gaining popularity, it is quite normal that businesses are on the pry to build an app on similar lines. This is to build a strong online presence for their grocery delivery business. In case you are in pursuit to accomplish something similar, follow these steps.

steps to build carrefour clone app

#1. Perform Research on Target Market

First and foremost, it is recommended that you perform strong research on the target market. It is suggested to know the areas of concern of your target customers. This means, understanding their level of satisfaction when they use a grocery app, the products they purchase the most, etc. You can utilize an email marketing strategy for this. This in the end will allow you to capture the users’ responses on their level of satisfaction, areas of concern, etc.

#2. Ideate App Design Strategy

It is next extremely useful to ideate an app design strategy. Here you need to make sure to perform strong competitor research to check the tactics and tricks they have inculcated to engage more users. Once you get a hint of this, it becomes easy to get hold of a design medium through which maximum user engagement takes place.

#3. Add Relevant Features

Third, it is recommended to include the most relevant set of features in your Carrefour app like grocery app solutions so that users, local stores, and delivery drivers can connect flawlessly to one another.

• Customer App

  • QR scanner to make payment.
  • Advanced search filter for easing the shopping process for customers and assisting them to shop for items smoothly.
  • Multiple payment modes like cash, card, and wallet, for streamlining the payment process after grocery shopping is done.
  • Add to cart to simplify the order checkout process with the customer getting the ability to directly add the item/items to the cart.
  • Rating and review to observe the past feedback of customers about the items.

• Delivery Boy App

  • Earnings to get an insight into the earnings the delivery driver made through the deliveries.
  • Invoice generation at end of delivery to allow customers to get transparency about the cost breakdown.
  • Get store details to empower the delivery driver to get the location of the store, and know the estimated time for arrival there.

• Store Panel

  • Delivery management to have an idea of the deliveries made daily through the grocery delivery app solutions.
  • Warehouse management to keep management over the items present in the warehouse, and remove the ones not present there.
  • Report and analytics to have foresight into the profits, the customer purchase behavior, etc, to name a few.

#4. Integrate Robust Tech Stack

Fourth, it is relevant to integrate robust tech stack into your Carrefour app like grocery app solutions so that crashes do not occur and the platform can work smoothly.

Here are the ones you can particularly add-

  • Application and data – Java, Apache HTTP Server, Debian
  • Utilities – Google Tag Manager
  • ABusiness tools – Google Fonts

#5. Empower Your Business with Carrefour Clone App

The last crucial step in ensuring a successful grocery app development journey is empowering your grocery delivery business with the Carrefour clone app. The readymade grocery app clone solution will allow you to accomplish scalability and growth in a short time. It will alternatively make it possible for your enterprise to address future requirements you may have or your customers have thereby helping you earn extremely handsome profits.

Cost to Build Carrefour App like Grocery App Solutions

You know the factors responsible for the flourishing grocery delivery business in UAE. You alternatively have an idea of how Carrefour has assisted through this, being enlightened with the steps to build an app similar to it. It is relevant to comprehend now the overall budget for online shopping app development.

Four areas get taken into consideration during the calculation-

contact us for carrefour clone app

With all these aspects in check, you will successfully be able to keep your finances within limit. So now coming to the estimated cost to build Carrefour app will be between $20,000 to $80,000.

Dive Into a Profitable Grocery Empire with Carrefour App

With the demand for online shopping apps going up in Dubai after the pandemic, it is clear that the prospect of creating a solution that makes grocery delivery services possible is huge. With Carrefour app like grocery app solutions being responsible for this; developing an app on similar lines will allow your grocery delivery business to flourish and make maximum profits. So, if you are searching for a winning strategy to build an app that drives profits for your grocery venture, connect with us today. Share your requirements, and our team of developers will empower you next with the Carrefour clone app to achieve scalability and growth, boost your visibility in a reasonably short time & give your business to new heights.

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