Get Safeway App Advantage for Your Grocery Business in USA

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  • March 10, 2023
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The Internet has created a revolution in how we perform daily tasks, from shopping to making purchases. The advent of apps like the grocery delivery app, or for that matter, the supermarket mobile app, they have helped in this activity to a great extent. Not only has it helped customers shop with utmost ease, but it has also allowed them to purchase daily items with comfort. It has also helped grocery stores in boosting their visibility, alongside making their products gain more viewership.

If you visit different app marketplaces, like Google Play Store, or the Apple App Store, you will come across many apps that make this task possible like Instacart, Walmart, Safeway, etc. Particularly if you consider the apps in the US market that are helping users in this task, then the three apps mentioned above are gaining a prominent name with Safeway leading the race.

The Safeway supermarket app upon its launch in 2014 has successfully earned a reputation for accelerating the pace of grocery delivery services to customers living in the USA. This follows next by empowering them with a diverse array of product ranges. All these and more factors are responsible for the app enticing the attention of entrepreneurs who still operate offline grocery stores. It has in fact given them an impetus to embark on the journey of grocery delivery app development. This is to build an online supermarket app taking advantage of the readymade grocery app clone to allow them to considerably save on costs during the process.

So the question lies- why are these custom apps becoming so popular? We will cover this in the article here.

Introducing You to Safeway App

introduction of safeway app

The Safeway supermarket app was launched in 2014 as an online supermarket app that makes grocery delivery a streamlined process for customers.

As a result of its easy operations first, it allows grocery delivery services to take place smoothly through it. Simultaneously, these easy operations also make it possible for customers and stores to connect without any form of difficulty.

It last has these two features-

  • Rush Delivery to ensure grocery delivery services take place at an accelerated pace.
  • OneTouch Fuel enables fuel payment at a lightning-fast speed.

USP of Safeway App

There are many aspects within the Safeway app that helps it to stand out. We present them to you in the lines below.

1. Business Model

The app incorporates these two business models to ensure smooth grocery delivery services to take place.

  • Inventory model to enable store for order collection and process thereafter through an internal or external supply chain of delivery professionals.
  • Multi-vendor marketplace model to allow the customer to place an order so that its process and delivery is easy to perform.

2. Features

The app has three main segments, namely, the customer, the delivery professional, and the store owner. Hence, each of these segments has unique features within their app to allow smooth operations to take place.

Check them out here.

Customer App Delivery Boy App Store Panel
Social media login Profile management Admin dashboard
Multiple payment modes Receive store details Reports and analytics
Advanced search filter Accept/reject request Revenue management
In-app wallet Earning report Store management
Create wishlist Invoice generation Warehouse and inventory management
Add to cart
Easy checkout
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Facts about Online Grocery Delivery App Market in USA

We have provided some information about the Safeway app alongside the app in particular stating the reasons for its popularity. Here we see market stats of Grocery apps in the USA.

  • The online grocery market will earn a valuation of $306.99 billion by 2027. (Research and Markets)
  • The growth in the market is predicted at a CAGR of 18.1% between 2021 to 2027. (Research and Markets)
  • Sales through online grocery shopping to be $187.7 billion in 2024. (Statista)
safeway market stats

Image source:

Reasons Safeway App is Savior for Supermarkets in USA

Through the statistics we have provided above it is clear that the online supermarket app has a lucrative potential in the US. Thanks to apps like Safeway, the prominence of this industry has gone up. This is why the majority of entrepreneurs are investing in the idea to digitize their grocery store operations. This is by using cost-effective solutions like the readymade made grocery app clone- the Safeway clone app. Here’s why the solution is becoming a source of support for supermarket chains in the region.

#Eases Ordering & Delivery Process

First and foremost, as a result of the unique set of features that are present in the Safeway clone app the process of delivery and ordering can take place smoothly. Here are some of the most unique ones among them that particularly allow in making this possible.

ordering delivery app

#Helps Achieve Scalability and Growth

The next most important aspect that makes the Safeway clone app so popular is due to the support it provides the grocery business in achieving scalability and growth.

Due to the solution being customizable and modifiable; the grocery business can earn more customers and profits. Alternatively, it helps them serve their different business and customer objectives without any form of difficulty.

How to Achieve Maximum Growth with Safeway Clone App?

Knowing about the support that the solution renders to the supermarket to build a prominent place in the US, it is important to be educated about the techniques whose successful adoption will help you achieve maximum growth.

  • Research your competitors and target market to understand the techniques for adoption to meet the customer needs seamlessly.
  • Enable value creation through a strong USP to boost the amount of user engagement through the solution you develop.
  • Create a unique app design strategy to ensure you can gain more user engagement and successfully earn more customers in a reasonably short time.

What is the Cost to Build a Grocery App like Safeway?

Knowing the reasons for the Safeway app clone becoming so popular among grocery businesses in the USA, we must gain perspective on the finances to allocate to build an app on similar lines.

Here it is to be mentioned that some areas are to be taken into perspective during the budget allocation. This includes features, UI/UX design, the country from where you access the readymade grocery app clone, etc.

Once you make sure to keep these areas in check, your finances will remain within limit. However, if we have to provide you a rough figure for the cost to build grocery app like Safeway, it will be around $30,000 to $40,000+.

cost to build safeway app

Ending Words

Building an app from scratch is a costly affair which makes it crucial to take advantage of the readymade app solution. Take for instance you want to build a strong presence in the billion-dollar grocery market in the USA, the easy-to-customize Safeway clone app is a savior. It will help you earn customer attention in a short time. You can partner with us to get this solution. Our customized Safeway clone app script will make your grocery business creation journey pleasant ensuring you successfully boost profits and users.

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