Cost to Develop Grocery Delivery App like FreshDirect

Cost to Develop Grocery App like FreshDirect
  • Ankit Patel Ankit Patel
  • December 16, 2022
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The on demand grocery app market is globally valued at $1.8 billion. This makes it a very lucrative and profitable solution indeed. Particularly when you run an offline grocery store, the solution comes as a blessing in disguise.

Courtesy of the level of convenience that these apps empower customers with, in terms of operation, it has seen its popularity growing to a huge extent. With a few taps that customers place within the solution, they get the ability to receive items quickly delivered to their doorstep.

So while talking about solutions that have made it easy to order groceries, one most popular is FreshDirect.

Launched in 2013, the app has empowered customers with a wide array of items, and features that are particularly responsible for its prominence growing manifold. This is particularly among those running an offline grocery store. If you are among one of them, the article is for you. Get hands-on with the strategies for developing a similar solution alongside the cost for development as well.

About FreshDirect App

FreshDirect is a popular on demand grocery app based in the USA that makes it easy for customers living there to order groceries and get them delivered easily.

Some of the areas where the app makes its grocery delivery services accessible are New Jersey, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Delaware, and Washington DC, to name a few. The app has extremely easy operations as a result of which customers can easily get access to different items, place easy orders from them, and get the same delivered to them thereafter.

It alternatively has some unique features within which in turn provide it a prominent position. Check them out below.

freshdirect app features

So now you have gotten a comprehensive idea about the solution, its operations, and the features they contain. Let us give you an overview of its popularity through these attractive facts and figures.

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Facts and Figures about FreshDirect App

Take a peek at these facts and figures about the FreshDirect app to get a hands-on into the popularity that the on-demand grocery app has achieved.

  • Made sales of $710 million in 2021
  • Earned #247th Rank in 2021
  • About 11% of customers rely on FreshDirect as of 2022 for ordering groceries online
  • App has 56% loyal customers availing grocery delivery services from it
freshdirect app market stats

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The graph above elucidates the nature of popularity that the app has attained among customers living in the United States which has in turn gone on to become a source of inspiration for entrepreneurs. This is particularly those who are running an offline grocery store planning to digitize its operations.

In the lines below we give you the other reasons for the on-demand grocery app attaining a cult status among customers and entrepreneurs alike.

Why FreshDirect App Popular? Know Reasons

Listed down are the factors that contribute to the prominent status of the FreshDirect app.

1. Easy Operations

The app operates in a simplified way. In other words, it has extremely simple operations and functioning, so to speak.

  1. The customer enters the app, and taps on the items they want to order.
  2. Once item selection is done, they get added to the cart.
  3. Upon successful item addition, the order placement gets done by making payment and adding their address.
  4. The order request gets sent to the store who accepts it and assigns a delivery driver to perform pick up.
  5. The delivery driver receives the notification of order pickup, which they accept and reach the store.
  6. On reaching the store, the delivery driver picks the order up and gets going towards the customer’s location and both get the flexibility to track each other
  7. The delivery gets done and the delivery drivers and customers receive the flexibility to provide ratings and review to one another.

2. Business and Revenue Model

Check out the business and revenue model of the on-demand grocery app to get a hands-on into how the app monetizes and makes profits.

freshdirect app business & revenue model

What Does This Imply?

You may have gauged idea of the solution and the nature of its popularity, you may have realized why it has accomplished such a prominent nature in the first place. This is especially among those who plan to digitize their grocery store ops.

Therefore, you need to follow a wide array of steps. This includes researching the customer needs, so that idea for app design is easy to ideate. This follows next by making the app relevant by adding unique features. Last, connect with a grocery delivery app development company offshore with expertise to develop a grocery app clone. Especially when you want to save on costs when you develop a grocery app like FreshCart, empower yourself with the FreshDirect clone app. This will help you to keep your finances in strict check.

Importance of FreshDirect Clone App

The FreshDirect clone app is a readymade, ready-to-launch on-demand grocery app solution that is modifiable and customizable. Built specifically for grocery delivery startups- through the solution, it becomes easy to accomplish scalability, growth, and visibility in a short period. It alternatively also enables to make of customizations based on future business needs.

These factors are enough to give testimony of the reasons why its implementation is a necessity in the first place. It will allow you to save on your budget a great deal and ensure that your store gets a huge user base.

Now that you are aware of the FreshDirect app, and the reasons for its popularity. This is followed by an idea you have gauged about the FreshDirect clone app. It is now important to educate ourselves about the budget to allocate for grocery delivery app development services.

How Much Does It Cost to Develop FreshDirect App?

A wide array of factors affect the budget when startups embark on the journey of grocery delivery app development services. This is particularly when they wish to develop an on demand grocery app.

Here are those factors enlisted below-

Based on the Platform You Choose

In case the app development is done for one platform, or two platforms separately, the cost to develop a grocery delivery app will automatically go up for you. However, if you go with cross-platform, the cost will remain within the check for you.


If you add irrelevant features, the budget might go up for you. Hence, it is recommended that when you develop the on-demand grocery app, you keep the app relevant. Here are the features that you can add to accomplish this.

Customer App Delivery Boy App Grocery Stores
Multiple payment modes Set availability Customer/delivery boy/store management
Delivery track in real-time Accept/reject requests Order management
Order history Delivery time slot Assign delivery driver
Customer support Earning report Revenue management
Add to cart Order history Reports and analytics

When you keep the app relevant and include features that can accomplish this, you can keep your finances in check. However, if we have to provide a formative figure related to the cost to develop FreshDirect app, the total will be between $10,000 and $25,000. Make sure to implement a user-friendly UI/UX design strategy and use technologies that have been in use for a while. This will ensure that your costs do not go up. It will alternatively prevent your app from incidents of crashes, as well, at the same time.

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Get the FreshDirect Clone App Advantage

For assisting customers in saving time to shop daily household items, on demand grocery app advantage is a boon. This is in particular if you run a grocery store offline. It will support the offline grocery store to get more visits. It will alternatively boost sales. The solution has a billion-dollar prospect courtesy of grocery apps like FreshDirect. Hence, the popularity has grown evermore among offline grocery store owners encouraging them to embrace the FreshDirect clone app. If you are on the same page, connect with us today. We will partner by your side, shouldering your responsibility to develop a grocery app clone so that you can achieve your business objectives seamlessly without any roadblocks.

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