How to Develop Beelivery-Like Grocery Delivery App?

How to Develop Beelivery-Like Grocery Delivery App?
  • Ankit Patel Ankit Patel
  • March 24, 2023
  • 5 min read

Since 2015, there has been a rise in the number of online shoppers in the UK. According to Statista, the penetration rate for users has tripled. Thanks to on demand apps such as on demand grocery delivery app, for instance, life has become considerably easy to lead for the people living in London. Beelivery app and other such solutions have been particularly responsible for this.

Beelivery was launched in 2015 and thereafter it has gone on to become a market leader in on-demand grocery delivery. This is by making available these offerings 24/7 across towns and cities in the UK. Courtesy of this factor, it has enticed the attention of forward-thinking entrepreneurs. It has given them the impetus to be more particular to build an app along the lines of this aforementioned one. This is to enable the shoppers to get same-day grocery delivery service.

So what is the app all about, and what helps it gain a unique image? Read this blog to know these areas in detail.

Introducing You to Beelivery App

Looking for same-day groceries or alcohol? The Beelivery app makes these offerings easy to access through its platform. Filled with some of the most unique sets of features like creating a wishlist, followed by an order for later, and having easy functionalities, it enables buyers to easily purchase items and get them delivered to their doorstep.

Alongside this, what helps Beelivery to stand out are the factors enlisted below-

  1. Makes deliveries available within 15 minutes only.
  2. Provides a source of livelihood to over 10,000 drivers (Crunchbase).
  3. Operates in over 90 towns in the UK.
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Beelivery App Business Model

The online grocery business model of the Beelivery app is extremely unique. We have highlighted this below.

beelivery app business model

Beelivery App – How Does App Make Money?

There are three methods by which on demand grocery delivery app like Beelivery make money. This includes-

  • Charging a delivery fee to customers above what they pay for the items purchased.
  • Commissions from stores registered on the platform for every successful order that gets placed.
  • Subscription fees from customers for availing zero delivery charges and other such features.

Features Present in Beelivery App

In addition to this business model, the Beelivery app has these inherent features present to allow order purchase and delivery to occur swiftly.

In Customer App In Delivery Boy App In Store Panel
Social login Receive pickup requests live Manage orders
Advanced search filter Accept/reject order request Warehouse management
Find stores nearby Set order status Inventory management
Add to cart Live track customers’ location Reports and analytics
Create wishlist Earning report Refund management

How to Build Grocery Delivery App like Beelivery?

Knowing the factors that allow grocery delivery app like Beelivery to stand out, let us now gain perspective into the steps that we need to follow to build an app on similar lines.

steps to build beelivery app

• Research

First and foremost understand the current market. Try next to gain perspective into the areas of concern that your customers have. Conduct surveys, campaigns, etc., to gain insight into this aspect. All these in the end will allow you to build an app that meets the requirements of your end users. It will alternatively also help you ideate an app design strategy that ensures maximum engagement.

• Work on Development

This involves creating the back-end, and front-end followed by a prototype. This will aid you to boost your visibility. It will also help you to enhance your brand value in a streamlined way, thereby making it a convenient process to meet customer expectations and business requirements as they spring up in the future.

• Ideate a Design Strategy

When you enter the development stage, it is vital to get hold of a design strategy. This is possible through the conduction of strong research into what your competitors are doing. With the perspective that you get of this aspect, you will be able to conceive a plan for your app in terms of its design that helps you capture the maximum amount of users and boosts user engagement.

• Use Relevant Technology

When you build a grocery app clone it is recommended that you use relevant technology. This will ensure that the grocery order, purchase, and delivery services take place flawlessly through the platform.

Here are technologies that you can use-

  • Programming languages for iOS – Objective C, Swift
  • Toolkit for iOS – Apple Xcode
  • SDK for iOS – iOS SDK
  • Programming languages for android – Java and Kotlin
  • Toolkit for android – Android Studio & Android Developer Tools
  • SDK for android – Android SDK

• Partner with Grocery App Development Company Offshore

Last, it is suggested to partner with grocery delivery app development company offshore. Assess the company’s expertise on sites like Crunchbase, GoodFirms, etc. Check what clients have to share about them, followed by their portfolio. Next, assess if they have in their perusal the Beelivery clone app. Once you receive a green signal that the organization has the solution, get in touch. Share your requirements and corroborate their understanding of your needs. Now, observe your app idea accomplishing fruition.

Estimated Cost to Build Grocery Delivery App like Beelivery

Beelivery has made it easy for customers to get access to steadfast grocery delivery services through its platform. Having easy operations and being filled with unique features, it enables buyers easily purchase groceries and get them delivered to their doorstep. This has enticed the attention of those still operating an offline grocery store. Here, it is to be noted that during development, the finances need to be placed in focus too. This will ensure that operations can carry on without any difficulty.

Hence, if you are running a grocery store offline and wish to digitize it by developing an app along the lines of the aforementioned one, the estimated cost to build a grocery delivery app like Beelivery will be around $20,000 to $40,000+.

It might however go up in case of these instances-

  • Addition of irrelevant features
  • Complexity
  • Use of non-robust technologies
  • Choice of country
contact us to build beelivery app

Buy Readymade Grocery App Solutions

To keep finances in check during online grocery delivery app development when you build app like Beelivery is to buy readymade grocery app solutions. Also known as a grocery app clone, when you purchase it, you can reach out to customers faster and get more visibility in a short time.

Here are some of its benefits –

  • Modifiable thereby making it easy to make customization based on future business and customer needs.
  • Open-source thereby ensuring that the business gets the freedom to add their logo etc to capture maximum users.

Points to Remember Before You Build Grocery App Clone

Knowing the benefits it is imperative to remember that there are many such readymade grocery app solutions in the market. Hence, before you make a purchase you need to be aware of its open-source and white-label nature so you have knowledge of the level of ownership that you will get over the solution alongside the modifying capability you will receive.

Ending Words

Beelivery has earned its name by making available 15 to 60 minutes grocery delivery easy to avail through its platform to customers. This has helped keep the maximum of them engaged with the platform alongside enticing the attention of startups and encouraging them to build an app on similar lines. If you are planning something similar with the expectations to achieve individuality, buy the Beelivery clone app now. Not only will it promise 24/7 fast grocery delivery. It will alternatively support you to gain a competitive edge in the grocery app market.

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