Complete Guide to Develop Farm-to-Table App like GrubMarket

Comprehensive Guide to Develop Farm-to-Table App like GrubMarket
  • Ankit Patel Ankit Patel
  • March 02, 2023
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Millennial consumers are conscious. They maintain awareness and try to remain updated on areas like the meals they consume, where the meals grow, and how they are processed. This has thereupon led to the widespread popularity of the farm-to-table concept.

When we talk about this concept, it involves the promotion of a lifestyle that is sustainable. This follows next by the enlightenment local communities receive in terms of the benefits of eating fresh and locally grown meals.

Here we need to note that since these meals are consumed locally; the resources they require in terms of transport are less. This is why the grocery businesses on the whole are investing in this concept by building a farm-to-table app. If we talk about some popular examples in this category, we have GrubMarket, Locavore, Find Fruit, etc. leading the race with the GrubMarket app most prominently capturing the attention of those who want to earn a name in this space (farm-to-table).

Let’s discuss this app and the business model it follows educating ourselves with the strategies that this solution has adopted to encourage new grocery startups to build an app on similar lines.

Intro of GrubMarket App

grubmarket app

Founded in 2014, the GrubMarket app is a popular farm-to-delivery app that is driven towards creating a revolution in the American food supply chain industry. They do this by supporting wholesalers to get access to high-quality products at the most cost-effective prices. This is followed by giving aid to the customers in receiving farm-fresh items delivered to their items at 50% lesser prices.

This is however just a trailer about the solution. Talking more- the solution provides its services in the places Arizona, California, Connecticut, Georgia, Michigan, etc., among a few.

Having extremely easy operations, and filled with some of the best sets of features; the app aims to build its presence in other parts of the world too.

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How Does GrubMarket App Work?

Take a peek at this image to get a glance at the app operations.

grubmarket app work

As you see in the image, the app functions extremely flawlessly. All it demands is that the customer enter the platform, and add their location.

  • Once they perform this, they now need to tap on the items they wish to order and add them to the cart. This will bring them to the checkout page wherein they simply need to select a payment mode from different choices and pay for the items.
  • Thereafter the store will receive the order request, upon which they will assign the pickup request to the delivery driver who accepts it and picks the order up from the store.
  • Last, the customer is notified of this thereupon and the delivery driver and the former can track each other and connect until the delivery gets done.

Business Model Of GrubMarket

When discussing the GrubMarket business model, it is a hybrid one. This means through the partnership that the platform performs with different restaurants, supermarkets, etc., it ensures customers can buy items with utmost convenience and comfort from local farms and producers.

This is by the advertising services it performs for its products by listing them between the percentage range of 20 to 50%. This offering goes on to support customers in shopping for different items with utmost convenience.

All these factors have thereupon provided support to the farm-to-table app like GrubMarket to attain a huge customer base and raise funding that has a valuation of over $2 billion.

Facts and Figures We Bet You Don’t Know About GrubHub

A farm-to-table app like GrubMarket has captured the attention of customers and most prominently the grocery business due to its easy operations, followed by its possession of products that costs 20 to 50% less. Let us, therefore, have a look at some of the facts and figures about this solution to get a comprehensive view of its popularity.

  • Earned 2nd rank among other farm-to-table app solutions (Tracxn).
  • Received funding of $767 million (Tracxn).
  • Valued at $12 billion on November 16, 2021 (Tracxn).

How to Develop an App like GrubMarket?

We have covered all the areas that help formulate the relevance to develop a farm-to-table app like GrubMarket. Here, it is to be noted that courtesy of the solution possessing a unique business model, and having extremely easy operations, it is very popular all-in-all which has led to business startups engaging in the development aspect. If you are among one them, follow these steps.

• Examine Customer Needs

First and foremost you need to be aware of your customer’s concerns. This includes their issues; which might be while operating the app, during checkout, etc. When you have assessed all these aspects with utmost precision, it will become easy for you to ideate an app design strategy that helps boost the level of customer engagement, increase brand value, and ensure smooth app operations.

• Add Unique Features

The next vital step is to keep your app as relevant as you can. This involves including the best set of features in your solution. Now, when we come to developing an app like GrubMarket; you need to remember the app has four segments, namely the customer, the admin panel, the producer, and the delivery driver. Therefore, keeping these segments in mind, you need to include relevant features so seamless connection takes place followed by delivery.

grubmarket app features

1. Customer App Features

  • Social login to ensure that customers can easily log in to the platform and start operating it.
  • Advanced search filter to help the end-user find items easily.
  • Schedule orders for later to allow users to add a time, and date when they want the order to be delivered.
  • Save address to prevent manually typing address every time order placement gets done.

2. Delivery Boy App Features

  • Live tracking path to track the path in real-time through GPS to reach customers’ location quickly and on-time.
  • Earning report to enable drivers to get a comprehensive view of earnings generated through the deliveries.
  • Set delivery status to update customers of different stages till delivery is done to them.

3. Admin Panel Features

  • Listing to update items, both old and new, followed by their price, etc.
  • Assign a driver to perform pickup of an order that has been placed by the customer.
  • Multiple payment gateway integration to ensure that customers can use different payment modes for paying for the items ordered.
  • Reports and analytics to get awareness of performance, followed by revenues generated through deliveries, etc.

4. Producer App Features

  • Update product list and cost to make item selection take place conveniently.
  • Inventory management to track sales and expenses in a streamlined way.
  • Order reports to get real-time information about business performance, profits generated, etc.

• Integrate Robust Technologies

A very important stage during the process you plan to develop farm-to-table app like GrubMarket; it is relevant to integrate robust technologies. This will ensure that the app will function flawlessly and that user engagement for your app remains at the maximum.

  • Push Notifications – Twilio,
  • Database – MongoDB, HBase, Cassandra
  • Cloud – AWS, Google
  • Payment – PayPal, Stripe, Braintree
  • Real-Time Analytics – IBM, Apache Flink, BigData
  • Phone Verification, SMS, and Voice – Nexmo, Twilio

What is the Estimated Cost of Building GrubMarket App?

Do you want to earn a name in the farm-to-table market with a farm-to-table app like GrubMarket? You need to then incorporate a unique set of strategies during the process of development. You equally need to have awareness of the budget that needs to be allocated for this purpose.

Some areas become extremely important to focus on while calculating the cost to build grocery app like GrubMarket. This includes features, functionalities, the kind of app you want to develop- a native or hybrid, and the developers’ location.

We have covered these aspects in the tables below.

Table 1

Development Stages Cost to Incur
Backend $12,000
Android $14,000
iOS $15,000

Table 2

Developers’ Location Cost ($ per hour)
India $10 to $40
Eastern Europe $30 to $100
United States $70 to $150

Get the GrubMarket Clone App

When it comes to developing a farm-to-table delivery app like GrubMarket; to keep the focus on budget, you should empower your business with the readymade clone app, the GrubMarket clone app. Being a readymade and ready-to-launch solution, it assures scalability and growth. Alternatively, it is a sure-shot winner to address future customer needs as they arise.

Note- Remember there are many such solutions in the market. To be sure you are purchasing a quality solution, examine the company’s expertise in developing it, followed by client reviews.

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Connect With Us and Launch a Revolutionary Grocery Business

GrubMarket has built its name as a popular farm-to-table app that enables customers to shop for farm products at cost-effective prices among those running offline grocery businesses. It has stimulated them to develop an app on similar lines to stay ahead of the competition. However, the ideation of an app design strategy followed by adding unique features alongside the focus on cost. To keep all these aspects monitored, get in touch with us. With our expertise in developing readymade clone apps, the GrubMarket clone app will ensure farmers and customers can flawlessly connect and your business boosts profits.

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