Steps To Develop Grocery App Like BigBasket: Features, Revenue Model, Cost

  • Ankit Patel Ankit Patel
  • November 18, 2022
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BigBasket is a popular Indian grocery app that has digitized how customers get their household delivered to them upon successful order placement. This has provided it immense assistance in capitalizing on profits. Thereupon the solution has become a source of inspiration for nascent grocery ventures in terms of building something similar to it.

Do you want to know the reason for this? It is its unique revenue model. The solution has three main ways through which it capitalizes on profits. They include delivery charges during peak hours, its subscription program BB+, and advertising fees to stores for promotional activities.

These channels will be discussed in detail by us in this article. Upon reading this, you can gain insight into the strategies you should implement so you capitalize on profits in the same way as BigBasket is.

About BigBasket

bigbasket app

Bigbasket app launch in “2011 year” and serve around “30 cities” in India.

Reputed as one of the largest online grocery supermarkets in the Indian subcontinent BigBasket has digitized the way grocery delivery services are provided to customers. This is courtesy of its easy operations.

To operate the app, customers need to simply browse through and select items they want. Thereafter they need to choose a time slot around when they would be available for accepting order delivery. Once they do this, they need to select a preferred mode of payment from different choices available like cash, card, and wallet, and make payment.

So all in all, the solution is very easy to operate. This has been one contributing factor to its popularity. The other one is the revenue model it has integrated for boosting its profits.

Market Stats for BigBasket

Check out these numbers to gain insight into the lucrative nature of BigBasket and understand its overall popularity.

Revenue Model of BigBasket

The revenue model of BigBasket is created in a way to help it in streamlining its revenues. Check them out below.

bigbasket app revenue model

1. Inventory Model

The model observes the business purchasing products from well-known brands. This includes both perishable as well as non-perishable ones. This goes on to support the brands to get their profits rolling in a simplified way.

2. Multi-Vendor Marketplace Model

In this model, different sellers get the flexibility to be listed on the website. Thereafter, customers observe them and place orders. Once the order placement is done, the suppliers enable themselves to make the delivery.

Known as a strategic channel, it benefits both the business as well as the marketplace. This is due to the support that it provides vendors in growing which indirectly goes on to help the market to also increase its value.

3. Hyper-Local Delivery Model

This is one of the most unique ways through which BigBasket capitalizes on its profits. The model involves BigBasket partnering with a huge array of stores so that the delivery services remain seamless.

This is upon the customer paying 30 dollars extra for delivery. Also known as the same-day delivery model, it makes it easy for buyers to get access to their orders on the very same day.

So you have a basic idea of how the solution capitalizes on profits which has allowed it to become a source of inspiration for those who plan to digitize operations for their supermarket.

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How to Develop Grocery Delivery App like BigBasket?

BigBasket has revolutionized the way customers receive groceries and digitized supermarket operations. It has become a source of encouragement for those planning to grow more visibility for their store. If you are among one of them, keep these pointers handy to develop a grocery delivery app like BigBasket without any form of discrepancies whatsoever.

1. Research

Research as much as possible on your competitors and your target customers. Check the activities of your competitors. This will ideate an app design strategy to implement.

Ask these questions-

  • What activities are my competitors doing? Are end customers happy?
  • What features have they included?
  • Are features missing?
  • Can the missing elements add value to the solution?

2. Keep App Relevant

First, make sure your solution is relevant. Hence, it is a good idea you add unique features to your end solution. This will boost user engagement and ensure maximum customer retention.

Here are features you need to include in your app to achieve this aspect successfully.

Customer App Delivery Boy App Store Panel
QR payment scanning Accept/reject delivery pickup request Reports and analytics
Advanced search filter Earning history Order assign
Personalize the shopping experience Generate invoice Store management
Schedule delivery Real-time location tracking Rating & review management
In-app wallet Set availability & accept pickup requests Inventory management
Edit and cancel the order Update delivery status Customer/delivery driver management

3. Choose Robust Tech Stacks

To ensure the front and back-end operations go seamlessly through the app; use robust tech stacks.

  • Android: Kotlin, Java, React Native, Flutter
  • iOS: Swift, Objective-C, React Native, Flutter
  • Backend & API: Node.JS/Express.JS
  • Front-end: React.JS
  • Push Notification: Twilio,
  • Database: MongoDB, HBase, Postgres
  • For Server: AWS
  • For Geolocation: Google Maps API
  • Payment Integration: PayPal, Braintree, Stripe

4. Buy Readymade Grocery App Clone

When you enter the immersive journey to develop a grocery delivery app like BigBasket, a vital area to remember is to keep costs in check. It is thus a good idea to buy a readymade BigBasket clone app.

Outsource grocery delivery app development services from a company offshore. Assess the company’s expertise to build grocery app clone like BigBasket. It is recommended to go through their portfolio and client reviews carefully so you have corroborated well that the organization will do the desired justice to your project.

Once you are satisfied with this, share your requirements, and comprehend their understanding of the same to see your app idea take the shape of reality.

Benefits of BigBasket Clone App

BigBasket clone app is a readymade solution that gives support to grocery startups to get quick business visibility. This is due to its modifiable nature. This makes it easy to make updates for the business based on their future requirements alongside their customer needs. This ensures that scalability and growth are easy to achieve and returns also grow without any form of discrepancies whatsoever.

bigbasket app benefits

Cost to Develop BigBasket App

BigBasket helps customers to seamlessly order grocery items and have their delivery done thereafter as per the time scheduled. This has boosted its popularity among customers and those planning to digitize supermarket operations.

It is important during the process to however keep costs in check during the process. So if we have to provide a formative figure of the cost to develop BigBasket, it will be between $30,000 to $40,000.

Remember, the budget might however go up in case these situations occur.

It is therefore recommended to keep the budget in check. Include features that are relevant, and ideate a user-friendly app design. Next, outsource grocery delivery app development services. With all these areas adhered to, your budget will be in check.

Wrapping Up

BigBasket is a popular online grocery delivery platform that has revolutionized how grocery delivery services are provided in the Indian subcontinent. It has also attained huge popularity courtesy of its revenue models. This has been responsible for grocery startups to implement this model so they can boost profits like the aforementioned one. If you are among one of them, connect with us. Share your requirements and see your dream of a revenue-generating grocery delivery empire coming to reality with the BigBasket clone app.

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