Instacart Like Grocery App Development – Steps, Features, Cost

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  • January 04, 2023
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Instacart is a popular grocery delivery app that has gone on to revolutionize how shoppers shop for their daily household items in the USA. This is a reason that the platform is capturing the attention of entrepreneurs who still operate an offline grocery store to get a solution that works on similar lines to this app to boost store visibility, and profits doubled.

While talking about Instacart, app has simple operations and unique features. This is why entrepreneurs embark on the journey of grocery delivery app development services to develop online grocery app like Instacart.

However, when it comes to the steps for this activity, you need to be focused to the maximum as its failure might prove fatal for you. To therefore assist you in this, we have brought forth this article for you. It contains a set of guidelines that will streamline your Instacart-like grocery app development journey.

About Instacart – Why is it More Popular?

Since 2012, Instacart has made available grocery delivery services through its on-demand grocery delivery platform to people living in the United States and Canada. Through the partnership that the platform has done with over 500 retailers, it ensures that the users get access to a wide array of items so that their overall shopping experience remains streamlined, so to speak.

Instacart app features

It particularly includes these features to ensure smooth grocery delivery services through the platform.

  • Status tracking to know the delivery status, that is, if it has been confirmed, if it has been picked up, and so on.
  • Real-time order tracking to give customers an idea of the expected time by which they can expect their groceries to arrive.
  • Connect with personal shoppers so that customers can easily connect with the former to get their items shopped on their behalf.
  • Subscription sharing feasibility to allow end-users easily share their subscriptions with their friends or family so that they can also be eligible for the services of the platform.
  • Add items to the cart to ensure upon successful item selection they get added to the cart so the checkout process remains smooth.
  • Order pickup from the store to enable end-users to go to the store directly to pick their items up as per the time set by them from their app.
  • Schedule delivery so that the customer can set a time and date as per their convenience for the items they have shopped for.
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Facts and Figures Citing Instacart Popularity

Check out these amazing facts and figures to get a comprehensive idea of the popular and lucrative nature of this grocery delivery app.

How Does Instacart App Work?

Instacart operates in a simplified way. We have enlisted the workflow in the pointers below. Take a look at the same.

  • Customer enters the app, selects items they want, and adds them to the cart.
  • Places order upon which the store accepts the order request and gets a driver onboard for order pickup.
  • The driver receives the pickup request which contains store details thereby enabling them to accept the request to reach the store.
  • Upon reaching the store, the driver picks the order up and gets the customer’s details.
  • The customer is notified of the same, and thereafter delivery driver and customer can track each other in real-time.
  • Delivery gets done.

Instacart App’s Business Model

  1. Inventory Model: The platform stores products from multiple brands so that customers can easily place orders and get them delivered. This is to ensure that customers can easily find the items they are looking for without any discrepancies and successfully order them.

  2. Shopping Model: Customers can decide the products and the price from the platform and get its delivery done. This is to streamline the shopping experience for customers and ensure they can shop without any worries or difficulty whatsoever.

  3. Multi-vendor marketplace model: Enable customers to place orders and schedule their estimated delivery time. The model helps the end-users to enjoy a convenient experience when shopping on the platform and ensure that they can get delivery as per the time cited by them.

Are You Ready to Develop Grocery App like Instacart?

So you have gotten knowledge of the different factors that contribute to the popularity of the Instacart app thereby making you comprehend why you need to develop something similar.

Steps to Develop Grocery Delivery App like Instacart

In the lines below we discuss the steps to develop a grocery delivery app like Instacart. Keep them in mind to give your grocery delivery business a competitive edge.

#Keep App Relevant

It is first integral to make your online grocery app like Instacart relevant. Hence, add unique and vital features.

Since the app is into grocery delivery services, add elements that allow a seamless connection between the store, the customer, and the delivery driver.

keep app relevant

#Ideate Appropriate Design Strategy

Next, implement and use an appropriate design strategy so that maximum user engagement takes place from the solution developed.

To perform this activity, research your competitors carefully and assess how users engage with the solution they have developed, looking carefully at the areas for improvement.

Once you have identified them, implement a unique design model for your app so quick grocery delivery services take place.

#Select Appropriate Revenue Stream

Next, you need to select an appropriate revenue stream to get your profits rolling from the online grocery app like Instacart you develop.

  • Delivery fees above the amount that customers pay for items they order
  • Commissions to retailers for getting their reach expansion successfully done
  • Membership fees to customers to give them access to deals, free delivery, etc

#Get Instacart Clone App

To keep your costs intact while performing grocery delivery app development services get the Instacart clone app. Being a readymade solution, you can make easy modifications based on your future business and customer needs so that those requirements can get successfully addressed.

Here you need to remember that there are many such grocery app clone solutions in the market. However, to know the best, you need to connect with a dedicated partner specializing in the field of clone app development observing their portfolio, client reviews, etc so that the app idea accomplishes successful fruition.

What Does This Entail?

Through these pointers, you can get a basic idea that Instacart has transformed and revolutionized the way grocery shopping is done which has been why new grocery store owners are on the lines to develop an app similar to this. However, to keep costs intact, they are taking advantage of the Instacart clone app.

Benefits of the Instacart Clone App

When you utilize the grocery app clone for your grocery delivery startup, here are the advantages that your venture gets empowered with-

benefits of instacart clone app

How Much Does It Cost to Develop an Instacart App?

With this, we have reached the end of the article. As you have read in the lines earlier, grocery app like Instacart has revolutionized how grocery delivery services are done, easing it all together. It has helped the business to ensure customers can get their items readily delivered as soon as they place the order. Last, it has helped to act as a support system for stores in terms of getting their visibility boosted. It has therefore captured the attention of entrepreneurs in the prospect to develop something similar. However, during this process, the budget needs to be kept in check.

If we have to point out, a wide array of factors come into play when it comes to getting an estimate for the finances. This includes features, app functionalities, location of the company, etc. In case we have to albeit give a rough figure for the cost to develop the Instacart app, the total will be around the range of $6000 to $10,000.

Closing Thoughts

Albeit the task of creating an online grocery app like Instacart is quite arduous, with the adherence to business-friendly strategies during grocery delivery app development services, you can earn maximum returns. Alternatively, you can connect with us in this pursuit. Our team of developers and designers with sufficient expertise in developing grocery app clone solutions will partner with you to give you access to a product that drives returns through the groceries you deliver. Get in touch with us to drive your business’s success story and provide it.

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