Comprehensive Guide to OneCart Like Grocery App Development

  • Ankit Patel Ankit Patel
  • December 02, 2022
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South Africa market has become a hotbed for the rise of many grocery delivery ventures, the most prominent among them being OneCart. This has helped the online grocery delivery market to attain a lucrative future. In fact, according to recent studies, the revenue the market will generate is around $1329 million by 2027. Thus, you see, the business is very lucrative indeed.

So what is the factor responsible for this? The answer is convenience. Courtesy of the app making it comfortable for customers to get their household items delivered. Upon the customer entering the app, they get a list of grocery items delivered to them. All they need to do is add their location. Thereafter, they can order items and get them delivered to their doorstep.

Want to know the other contributing factors that have led to the solution gaining prominence, thereby encouraging new startups to build a similar solution? Read the article to know about OneCart and its contribution to grocery delivery app development services earning prominence in South Africa. Also, gain insight into reasons the app has encouraged new offline grocery startups to develop a similar app.

All About OneCart

onecart app

Launched in 2016, OneCart has made it easy for customers to receive quick grocery deliveries in South Africa. This is courtesy of its easy operations and features.

Customers need to simply enter the app and tap on the items they want. Thereafter they need to place an order on adding location details. Once they complete this, the grocery store receives the order and accepts it. They next assign a delivery driver to perform pickup. The driver reaches the store now and picks up the order with the customer being notified of the same until the final delivery gets done.

Statistics for OneCart Popularity in South Africa

Take a peek at these numbers to gain insight into the market stats for OneCart to know its nature for popularity.

Unique Constituents

To ensure grocery delivery services take place conveniently and connections between the store, customer, and delivery driver remain smooth, it has some unique features.

Customer App Delivery Boy App Grocery Store App
Schedule delivery Earning history Inventory management
Track order in real-time In-app call/chat Reports and analytics
QR scanner Accept/reject order request Rating and review management
Advanced search filter Update delivery status Revenue management
Re-order Invoice generation Assign delivery driver

Business Model

Check out the OneCart business model to get an overview of how it creates a smooth grocery delivery experience.

grocery delivery app vusiness model

Image Source:

The platform follows an on-demand business model through which the store makes it possible for customers to receive grocery deliveries. Through the creation of a value proposition for each segment, namely customer, grocery store, and delivery driver, supermarkets make the deliveries possible.

Revenue Model

OneCart utilizes the following revenue models through which the app generates profits with the grocery delivery services it makes.

  • Delivery fees are made to the customer for the orders they place and it is mostly based on its quantity.
  • Advertising fees to store for the promotions they make.

Knowing the different factors that cite the popular nature of OneCart, you may have understood what is responsible for its prominence among those planning to give a digital base to their offline grocery store. In other words, you can gain purview into why they consider developing on-demand grocery delivery apps on its line. Are you among one of them too? Know how to develop a grocery delivery app like OneCart to get profits for your offline store rolling through the deliveries you make.

How to Develop Grocery Delivery App like OneCart?

To earn profitable revenues in South Africa so that you can be on the same lines as this popular grocery delivery solution, keep these tips handy. This is particularly when you develop a grocery delivery app like OneCart.

grocery delivery app development steps

Tip 1: Study Competitors & Target Audience

It is recommended that you study your competitors carefully. It is also a good idea that you know your target audience. This will help you to gain insight into the satisfaction level of customers and understand the ways you can serve them better.

Ask these questions-

  • What is the USP of my competitors?
  • Is the USP serving customer needs? Yes/no?
  • If no, what is missing in their app, and will its addition drive value for me?

Tip 2: Ideate Appropriate App Design

Upon research that you perform about competitors and target audience; select an appropriate app design. This is something that will become possible for you to gain insight into after you have checked the competitor’s activity.

It is something that you need to focus on carefully, ensuring you implement a user-friendly design strategy so that more customers remain engaged and retained to it. This follows by ascertaining that users can utilize the solution with considerable convenience.

Tip 3: Use Robust Tech Stacks

It is a good idea that you use robust tech stacks when you set out on the journey of building grocery delivery app like OneCart. This will allow the application to work robustly without any form of roadblocks whatsoever thereby making grocery order and delivery to take place smoothly.

Here are some tech stacks you can use-

  • Android:- Kotlin, Java, React Native, Flutter
  • iOS:- Swift, Objective-C, React Native, Flutter
  • Backend & API:- Node.JS/Express.JS
  • Front-end:- React.JS
  • Push Notification:- Twilio,
  • Database:- MongoDB, HBase, Postgres
  • For Server:- AWS
  • For Geolocation:- Google Maps API
  • Payment Integration:- PayPal, Braintree, Stripe

Tip 4: Keep App Unique

Probably one of the most vital tips for creating a unique grocery delivery app is including set-out features within. Hence, work towards adding some advanced elements within. Therefore, it is a good idea that you include the elements such as the ones mentioned below-

  • Multiple location order delivery
  • Wallet
  • Add to cart
  • Wishlist
  • Nutritional values of items

Tip 5: Get the OneCart Clone App

Last, take advantage of the readymade grocery delivery app – the OneCart clone app. This is very critical as it will support offline grocery stores to perform grocery delivery app development at cost-efficient prices.

Since the solution is readymade and ready-to-launch, it is easy for the business to make updates within. This makes it easy for them to accomplish scalability and growth based on future business and customer demands.

To gain access to it, you need to connect with a grocery delivery app development company offshore after conducting an assessment of the client reviews, and portfolio. Once you have corroborated this, partner with them to observe your app idea gaining fruition and your grocery delivery venture earning profitable returns like never before.

With the comprehensive idea you have gauged of the steps for developing grocery app clone, let us now understand the cost to develop OneCart app.

How Much Does It Cost to Develop OneCart App?

When offline grocery setups set out on the journey to develop grocery delivery app like OneCart, it is important to keep finances in check. Therefore, it is a good idea to maintain a user-friendly design. It is equally recommended to add relevant features. This will ensure that your budget remains within limit.

So, the estimated cost to develop OneCart app will be between $5000 to $15,000. However, in case the design is not user-friendly and features are irrelevant, the costs will go up.

Summing Up

With the retail landscape witnessing a major transformation, it comes as no surprise that sectors like the grocery sector will also witness a major transformation. In South Africa where on-demand grocery delivery apps are witnessing prominence thanks to solutions like OneCart, the market value the sector promises is huge. It has lucrative value. Hence becoming part of this profitable market is a good idea. If you are in thought of doing so, connect with us today. With our expertise in developing readymade grocery delivery app, when you share your requirements with us, we will get a solution developed that is in sync with your business requirements and customers.

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