HappyFresh Like Grocery App Development – Steps, Features, Cost

  • Ankit Patel Ankit Patel
  • January 20, 2023
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Launched in 2015 as an online grocery delivery platform in Jakarta, HappyFresh has created a revolution in how customers shop and purchase groceries. Its unique business model, followed by the implementation of a unique revenue-generation mode; these have helped the prominence of the solution to grow manifold.

With the online grocery delivery market having a billion-dollar potential, apps like the aforementioned one contribute greatly to ensuring retention. Therefore, for those who wish to become a part of this flourishing market; it becomes crucial that they know the basics of the app. This is followed by knowledge of its operations, its USP, etc.

All these areas are covered by us in the article here. Here we have covered the unique aspect of the HappyFresh app, followed by citing the reasons for the app’s growing popularity among those running an offline grocery store.

Read this article to gain perspective into the app’s unique nature and get an understanding of how you can go about the development task when you plan to develop an app that is similar to the aforementioned one.

About HappyFresh

happyfresh app

HappyFresh was launched in 2015 as an online grocery delivery soution to make it easy for customers living in Jakarta, Malaysia, Indonesia, and other respective places in Southeast Asia to get quick access to the groceries they ordered.

Courtesy of the platform having extremely easy operations, followed by possessing some of the best-in-line features, it has gone on to entice the attention of customers and business owners alike. The latter have been enticed more.

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What Helps HappyFresh Stand Out?

Several factors contribute to HappyFresh gaining a stand-out image. Check them out in the lines below.

How It Works?

how freshtohome app works

HappyFresh has extremely easy operations. Here’s how it makes grocery delivery and connection between the customer, the store, and the delivery drivers possible.

Unique Features of HappyFresh App

Just like any other app, grocery app like HappyFresh comes with the features such as the ones listed below to ensure a smooth connection between the customer, the store, and the delivery driver.

Customer App Delivery Boy App Store Panel
Social login In-app chat/call Revenue management
Advanced search filter Earning history Reports and analytics
Create wishlist Generate invoice Assign a delivery driver to perform pickup
Add to cart Set availability status online/offline Warehouse management
Schedule delivery for later Update order status Inventory management
Multiple payment modes Accept/reject pickup request Heat-map view

Business Model – HappyFresh App

HappyFresh through its partnership with 278 supermarkets and stores alongside containing over 100,000 items acts as an intermediary between the store and the customer so the delivery process remains smooth.

Through its employment with personal shoppers, it makes next-hour deliveries possible due to the presence of the on-demand logistics network. In short, through the adoption of the sharing economy-based business model, it can provide grocery deliveries within a hyper-local domain.

Revenue Generation Streams

By adopting the following streams for revenue generation, grocery app like HappyFresh can streamline their profits.

  • Commission charges to the customer above what they pay for the items ordered by them.
  • Sales generated through selling products.
  • Marginal cost price over the cost of groceries.

What Do These Factors Suggest?

With this, you can comprehend the factors that help HappyFresh to stand out among those planning to develop an app on similar lines. It is to be noted here, that since the process is extremely exhaustive, strategic planning is mandatory and some techniques are to be adopted.

Remember These Steps to Develop HappyFresh App

Keep in mind these steps to develop HappyFresh App so that the app allows your customers to get an efficient grocery delivery at their doorsteps.

how to develop happyfresh app

1. Know Issues Target Market Faces

The first and foremost step that you need to follow when you embark on the journey for HappyFresh app development, during grocery delivery app development services is to be aware of the issues that the target market faces. To perform this task, study the customer’s persona on the current app they use, followed by the purchasing behavior they implement, and so on. It is equally relevant to understand the issues they face while using the current app.

2. Ideate User-Friendly App Design

Next, it is vital to ideate a user-friendly app design so that more customers remain engaged with the solution that you develop. It is recommended that you study how your competitors have designed their solutions, gaining perspective if the same addresses user needs or not. In a situation wherein you notice that the same is not able to boost user engagement, try studying strategies that will help get more users engaged.

3. Use Robust Technologies

It is next integral to use robust technologies during grocery delivery app development services when you develop grocery app like HappyFresh so that the app functions effectively and smoothly.

  • Back-end – Laravel
  • Admin panel – Laravel Nova, JavaScript
  • Database – MongoDB, MySQL
  • Payment gateway – Braintree, PayPal, Stripe
  • Geo-location – Google Maps API
  • Utilities – Twilio, Firebase
  • Server – AWS

4. Get the Grocery App Clone

While developing grocery app solutions, keep your finances in check. Therefore, it is a good idea to get the grocery app clone. This ready-made solution will ensure that more business visibility takes place, enabling maximum user engagement takes place too. Being easy to customize and modify; the solution is worth integrating. This will help address future business and customer needs seamlessly.

Benefits of the Grocery App Clone

Being a ready-made and ready-to-launch solution, the grocery app clone provides the grocery startup with the benefits such as the ones listed below-

  • Quick business visibility
  • Boost brand value
  • Address future business needs and customer concerns

Note – Research well on the solution, and its open-source nature alongside assessing the percentage of ownership that the solution will provide you. Once you corroborate that these aspects are fulfilled, you can be sure the solution is worth incorporating into your business operations.

How Much Does It Cost to Develop HappyFresh?

There are a wide array of factors that are taken into consideration when determining the budget for grocery delivery app development services. This includes location, features, functionality, etc.

Once these areas are addressed, and we have to provide an estimate for the cost to develop HappyFresh, the total will be around $15,000 to $40,000.

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Concluding Thought

HappyFresh has revolutionized the way customers shop for groceries thereby becoming a source of inspiration for those who are in the pursuit to digitize their grocery store operations. If you are in pursuit to accomplish something similar, get in touch with us now. Our team of developers and designers with their dedicated expertise in grocery delivery app development services will build a solution that makes grocery delivery easy. It will alternatively help you to earn more returns and gain business visibility.

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