How to Develop Grocery App like Blinkit? [Steps to Follow]

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  • November 05, 2022
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Time is money- this adage is understood well by Gen-Z. This is why they look for ways to save this precious part. For the task of grocery shopping where once they had to spend a lot of time in the stores, today an app makes this task easy to perform.

All they have to do is visit the respective marketplaces for the platform they use- Android or iOS, and download the app on their device. Thereafter, they need to simply select items and place their order. Upon performing this, they get the flexibility to receive the items at their doorstep at their desired time.

There are many online grocery delivery apps that make it easy to order household items like Instacart, Big Basket, and Blinkit, to name a few. However, one that has captured the attention at the moment due to the ten-minute delivery services it offers is Blinkit.

Ever since it came into inception, it has made sure to streamline grocery delivery completely. This is a major factor responsible for its popularity growing manifold, particularly among those planning to digitize their supermarket operations. If you are also one among them, the article is for you.

We will cover the following areas in the article.

Table of Contents

  1. About Blinkit
    • Introduction
    • Reasons for its Popularity
      • Market Stats
      • Easy App Operations
      • Features it Contains
      • Business Models It Has
  2. How to Develop Grocery Delivery App like Blinkit?
    • Research Target Market
    • Use Appropriate Technology Stack
    • Get the Blinkit App Clone
  3. Cost to Develop Grocery App like Blinkit
  4. Ending Words

All about Blinkit

about blinkit

Year of Launch – 2013

Areas of Service – Agra, Aurangabad, Bhopal, Chandigarh, Coimbatore, Indore, Kanpur, Kochi, Ludhiana, Mysore, Nagpur, Nashik, Vishakapatnam, etc.

Blinkit app is a popular grocery delivery app that streamlines the way grocery deliveries are provided to customers. Some of its offerings include 15-minute grocery deliveries, followed by order pickup, to name a few.

Having extremely simple operations, the solution makes it easy for customers to locate the items they want. Having a diverse repository within, they can flexibly choose items, order them and get them delivered thereafter to their doorstep.

This is a major reason for the solution observing its popularity growing manifold. As you read the lines below, you will know other factors that have contributed to this.

Reasons for the Popularity of Blinkit App

There are several factors responsible for the popularity of online grocery delivery apps like the Blinkit app.

Some of the prominent among them are discussed below.

1. Easy App Operations

The app operates in a simplified way.

Check the pointers below to gain insight into this-

  • The customer enters the app, selects items they want, and adds them to the cart.
  • Makes payment for the same and schedule delivery.
  • The store receives the order request and assigns a driver to pick up the order.
  • The customer is notified of the same and can track the real-time location of the driver after they pick the order up.
  • The delivery is made possible for the end user.
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2. Market Stats

Let us get insight into the market stats to check the nature of its popularity and understand why it has attained such a prominent position after all.

  • Blinkit’s current revenues stand at $9.4 million in 2022.
  • Orders per day have gone up and stand at 694 orders per day in 2022
  • Offers online grocery delivery in over 27 cities in India
  • Possesses 400 dark stores to make grocery delivery easy to access.

3. Features

The app has three main segments – customers, grocery stores, and delivery drivers. Each of these three segments has unique features within them so operations are seamless.

Have a look at them below.

  • Easy navigation feasibility through geo-location mapping.
  • Multiple payment modes flexibility to ease payment for grocery items shopped.
  • In-app chat/call to allow driver and customer to connect in a simplified way with privacy remaining intact after the order pickup takes place.
  • Inventory management to update information related to stocks presently available/ unavailable at the store.
  • Assign pickup request to driver from store app so the former reaches supermarket to pick up customer’s order.
  • Real-time location tracking upon order pick up to know the expected time of delivery of the groceries.
  • Invoice generation at end of a delivery from delivery driver’s app so that customer has clarity on cost breakdown for the order they placed.

4. Business Model

Check out the image below to get a brief about the business model the Blinkit app follows to streamline how online grocery delivery takes place.

grocery business model

Image Source –

The image above illustrates the key partners present in the app – logistic providers, payment providers, etc, their key activities, etc.

Let us explain the activities of these partners first.

Partner Segments

The logistic providers register on its platform. They work towards making the deliveries possible to customers after the order is placed.

The payment providers on the other hand ensure that seamless payments for grocery order take place.

Customer Segments

Stores first have the items on the platform. They make it easy through the platform for the customer to know about them and place their order.

Customers next observe the store and view the items present. Thereafter, they choose the ones they want and place its order on making an order.

5. Inventory Business Model

In the model, the groceries get transferred to a local warehouse where the inventory staff measures their quality. Thereafter, upon successful corroboration of its quality, packing, and delivery take place.

This model is a source of inspiration for startups in the quest to digitize their operations as they want to ascertain alongside making on-time deliveries they also keep their quality high always.

You know the reasons for the popularity of the online grocery delivery app. You can understand why it has attracted the attention of those in the quest to digitize their supermarket operations. If you are also one among them, follow these steps to accomplish this objective like a pro.

How to Develop Blinkit-Like App like a Pro?

Want to know how to develop the solution like a pro without exhausting costs? Get the readymade grocery clone app so branding, visibility, scalability, and growth are inevitable. Simultaneously keep these pointers in mind. These will help you to know well how to build a grocery app clone that boosts revenues.

1. Research Target Market

First and foremost make sure to research the target market. Assess their requirements and areas of concern they face. This is followed by checking the needs they have.

With an idea on all these aspects, you will be able to ideate an app design strategy to include so that your solution is user-friendly and attracts maximum customers.

Here are some ways you can perform this –

  • Conduct surveys, share emails, etc
  • Have quizzes, polls
  • Study competitors

Once you perform these activities you can be sure your solution will boost user engagement and increase your value both.

2. Use Appropriate Technology Stack

  • Programming Languages – Swift (iOS) and Java (android)
  • Database – MySQL, MongoDB
  • Payment Gateways – Stripe and PayPal
  • Navigation – Google Maps and Apple Maps
  • API Gateway – Express Gateway

3. Get the Blinkit Clone App

For traditional supermarkets that plan to digitize their operations, it becomes crucial for them to work towards saving on costs. This is why they embrace grocery app clones so quick business launch and visibility takes place.

If you are among them too perform Blinkit clone app development by connecting with a dedicated partner overseas. Check their skills in the field and assess their portfolio to streamline your app development journey and boost your revenues.

Let us now get insight into the cost.

Cost to Develop Grocery Delivery App like Blinkit

In the article, until now you have gained insight into what contributed to the app’s popularity leading to the factors that are to be taken into deep consideration during app development so that budget is not exhausted, introducing you to the concept of embracing Blinkit clone app development, and knowing how to build grocery app clone.

It is important to stipulate the budget for app creation now. So, the cost to develop a grocery delivery app like Blinkit will be between $15,000 to $75,000.

This might however go up in case of app complexities being more, features being irrelevant and the UX/UI design being less user-friendly.

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Wrapping Up

Grocery delivery apps are cited to generate revenues of $2158.53 billion in 2030. These numbers elucidate the significance of the solution for traditional supermarkets. With apps like Blinkit contributing to these numbers, it goes without saying that through the development of a solution similar to the above revenues will get boosted. Customer engagement will get enhanced too.

Hence, if you are a brick-and-mortar supermarket store planning to get your operations empowered with an app, get the grocery clone app to your advantage. Connect with a company that is competent in performing Blinkit clone app development. Share your requirements and information related to the target market. Observe your ideas transform into a profitable business to start obtaining handsome returns right from the word GO!

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