Launch Grocery Delivery Business in San Francisco with Shipt Like App

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  • October 20, 2022
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Today’s millennial generation relies on a life that is convenient to the core. Therefore services like grocery delivery are digitized. Especially in places like the USA, where the population has an extremely hectic lifestyle, the apps have come as a blessing in disguise. This is why the industry has a promising future there.

If we go by grocery delivery app development, the US performs the action in its most total sense. Therefore, many grocery delivery apps have their base in this area, one most prominent among them being Shipt.

The app since 2014 has streamlined how grocery delivery gets provided to customers. Therefore the grocery shopping app has attracted the popularity of entrepreneurs globally. This is in terms of performing online grocery store development while keeping costs in check. This has encouraged them thus to adopt the ready-to-launch grocery app clone, the Shipt clone app. This is to ascertain scalability and growth follows them and ensure profits keep pouring simultaneously.

The article is for you if you are also among those on the pry to digitizing your supermarket store in the US. If you wish to perform this action in San Francisco by developing an application on the lines of this popular one, read the lines below. It will help you achieve this like a pro and allow you to capitalize on profits successfully by getting the ability to capture maximum customers through the deliveries you provide.

About Shipt App

Founded in 2014, Shipt is a popular online grocery shopping app that has made groceries easily accessible to customers in the USA.

Some of their notable offerings include grocery delivery, home products, and electronics, to name a few. This is made available through its app available on Google Play Store and the Apple App Store.

Apart from the offerings, the solution has easy operations. Upon customers entering the app and adding location details, they get a list of stores nearby. This enables them to choose items, place orders for them, and get their deliveries made.

These factors have increased its popularity among customers and entrepreneurs, particularly those on the pry to setting up a digital grocery store in the USA, particularly in San Francisco.

Now the question you must be having is- why is San Francisco ideal for launching the setup?

Why is San Francisco Ideal for a Digital Grocery Store?

As a result of major online grocery businesses having their creation in San Francisco, conceiving a venture that makes these services easy to access will turn out to be a profitable proposition. This is if the launch takes place with a solution similar to the Shipt app.

Here are the reasons why the region is ideal for setting up a digital grocery store-

  • Busy lives of people.
  • Booming grocery delivery in San Francisco which ensures reach for the solution to be more if created.
  • Presence of already existent grocery delivery business there.

Let us now at the market stats below to know about the promising future of Shipt below.

Market Stats for Shipt App

Shipt since its launch in 2014 has streamlined how groceries get delivered to customers in the USA. This has allowed its popularity to grow manifold.

Check out the market stats to get an idea of this aspect-

Thus, it becomes clear; building a grocery app like Shipt is a good idea. Keep these pointers in mind while performing this to create a solution that makes grocery shopping easy so user engagement remains at maximum.

How to Develop Grocery App like Shipt?

When you plan to develop a grocery app like Shipt with the ready-to-launch grocery app clone, it demands you follow some important steps.

development steps of shipt clone app

Step 1: Know Grocery Delivery Business Trends

With the US online grocery market currently valued at $354.28 billion, knowledge of the grocery delivery business trends will certainly be a good idea.

Here are trends you need to be aware of-

  • Online and mobile ordering platforms to ensure a seamless grocery shopping experience for end-users.
  • Grocery stores partner with third-party delivery platforms to allow end-users to get their household items quickly delivered to their doorstep.
  • Last-mile deliveries will observe transformation thereby ensuring deliveries take place conveniently.

Step 2: Know App Operations

You must know app operations in advance. This will allow you to get an idea of the features you need to add.

Here’s a discussion of the workflow below.

  • The customer enters the app and adds location details upon which they get a list of stores nearby.
  • From the store list, they select one matching preference and choose items.
  • On selecting items they place the order.
  • The store receives order requests and assigns a delivery driver.
  • The delivery driver is notified of order pickup and picks order from the store.
  • The customer gets notified of the same, and thereupon the user and delivery driver track each other.

Step 3: Have an Idea of the Features

When you set out to build the solution, know the features of grocery app development. This will boost user engagement. It will also ascertain customers, grocery stores, and delivery drivers to operate the solution seamlessly.

shipt clone app features

Here are elements you can include.

• Customer App

  • Advanced search to find products, and their price, and shop them conveniently.
  • Schedule delivery to allow the customer to order grocery items as per flexibility and get them delivered.
  • Offers and discounts to ensure a seamless shopping experience and boost user engagement to the maximum.
  • Order status to empower end users with an idea of the order until the final delivery of the groceries gets done.
  • Product price comparison to ease the shopping experience for the customer by ensuring they get the flexibility of receiving the price of two similar products, comparing them, and then making the purchase.

• Delivery Driver

  • Delivery request notification to enlighten the driver to pick up the order.
  • Accept/reject the delivery request as per flexibility.
  • Update delivery status to educate the customer about the different delivery stages until the final delivery.
  • In-app chat/call to aid customer and delivery driver seamlessly connecting and the former to get order information.
  • Upload item images to educate the end-user about their items and allow them to be sure it is the items they have ordered.

• Grocery Store

  • Store management to update store details like time, location, etc.
  • Order assignment to the delivery driver who sets availability online from their app.
  • Payment management to keep aware of transactions made.
  • Revenue management for easy tracking of profits made daily/weekly/monthly/quarterly.
  • Reports and analytics to keep an idea of performance and check areas of improvement.

Step 4: Select Revenue Model

There are three ways the app makes profits. Hence when you develop a grocery app like Shipt, know these models well and select the one you feel is in sync with your business requirements. You can ideally also select more than one model.

  • Commissions where 5 to 10% charges get levied from the store.
  • Advertisement charges to stores for the listings they do on the app.
  • Subscription to the customer for the premium services they access.

Knowing the development methodology, let us now assess the cost to develop Shipt clone app.

Estimated Cost to Develop Grocery App like Shipt

Planning to develop a grocery app like Shipt keeping costs in limit during the process? Yes? The estimated budget for the task will be approximately $20,000.

These costs may however go up in case these instances occur-

  • Utilizing complex design.
  • UI/UX being less user-friendly.
  • Integrating irrelevant features.
  • Performing grocery delivery app development in-house.

Note- Keep app design simple and add relevant features. Simultaneously, outsource grocery delivery app development services to a dedicated provider overseas to ensure your finances remain in check.

cost to develop shipt clone app

Wrapping Up

The US online grocery business has a promising future, with promises to earn revenues of $2156.53 billion by 2030. These numbers elucidate the profitable nature of the venture. This is thanks to the presence of online grocery shopping app like Shipt, Instacart, etc. Therefore, it is a good business proposition to become part of this market if you plan to do so in San Francisco. It will allow you to grow your business, boost user engagement and earn revenues. Keep costs in check during the process.

Get the Shipt clone app to ensure these areas become achievable. Connect with us and share your requirements alongside information on the target market. We will then bring those ideas to fruition through the app we develop. With our expertise in online grocery store development and grocery delivery app development services, we will channel the best practices during the building phase to ensure you get a solution that drives maximum value and returns.

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