Shipt vs Instacart – Which App is Preferred by Shoppers?

  • Ankit Patel Ankit Patel
  • March 17, 2023
  • 4 min read

The online grocery delivery business in the USA has seen its popularity going up. Especially after the pandemic, the market saw its revenues grow too. This has been possible thanks to Instacart and Shipt app.

These two solutions since their launch have eased the way customers place orders. It has also helped the grocery store to get their visibility boosted and the support to automate their operations.

Hence, they have developed a sense of competition with one another. This is something we will discuss in detail in the article here concluding with presenting you the best among these two.

Instacart App

Instacart app

Launched in 2012, Instacart app has streamlined the way groceries get ordered and delivered to customers. Connecting users to Instacart shoppers the app ensures that the latter can shop for the former and deliver the products to them. Alongside providing unique shopping experiences to the end users, the app presents some of the best sets of features that in turn make it stand out.

  • Order tracking in real-time
  • Find shoppers nearby
  • Flexible payment modes

Alongside this, customers getting a choice of over 500 retailers ensures that the selection of items can be made without any difficulty.

Shipt App

shipt app

Known for its same-day grocery delivery services, Shipt upon its launch in 2014 has earned its reputation as a platform that eases the way customers place orders.

Possessing over 140 retail partners in its platform, followed by having its operations in over 500 cities in the USA, the platform has seen its user base growing as well due to the platform making grocery delivery easy to perform.

Here are some unique features that the platform has within which allow it to gain a characteristic image.

  • Reports and analytics to analyze the user behavior.
  • Inventory management to automate the inventory operations and have awareness of the items that should be removed.
  • Delivery tracking in real-time to monitor the real-time location of orders.
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Shipt vs Instacart – Similarities and Differences

In the lines above we have educated you about these apps stating the factors helping them to successfully stand out. Let us now enlighten ourselves with the similarities and differences between these two platforms in the lines below.


In the Shipt vs Instacart app battle, if we talk about the similarities between these two platforms, both have easy functionality. There are other factors also that allow it to stand out.

=> Business Model

The food delivery business model that it incorporates allows the drivers to earn a significant amount through the deliveries they make.

Based on the eligibility that these apps provide in terms of helping the drivers get 100% tips, therefore it enables them to earn significantly well.

=> Features

Both these apps contain the most unique set of features to ensure a flawless connection between the customer and the shopper followed by enabling deliveries to take place swiftly.

features of grocery app


Alongside possessing the above-listed similarities, these platforms are quite apart from one another. We have outlined them below.

  • Instacart makes it easy for customers to place orders through its app or website whereas, for Shipt, users need to subscribe to a plan.
  • Shoppers receive multiple store options when they place an order on Instacart which is missing in Shipt. Only one store can be used for order placement.
  • Same-day delivery is easy on Instacart which is missing in Shipt as there are chances of delivery time extending.

Shipt and Instacart – Which One is Better?

Through the similarities and differences outlined above we have highlighted what are the similarities and differences between the two apps. Looking at them, you must be wondering which one is best among them.

shipt vs instacart

To highlight this, read these pointers below-

  • If you want instant deliveries opt for Shipt.
  • If you are looking for a platform that does not have any options of charging you extra, Instacart is what you should choose.
  • In case you want options for contactless deliveries, these two platforms are recommended.

How to Build Grocery Delivery Apps like Shipt and Instacart?

Looking at these two platforms, if you want to build grocery delivery apps like Instacart or Shipt, make sure you keep these points in mind.

1. Research

Research before anything else. Know what your customers want. Assess their needs and concerns, followed by getting acquainted with the aspects that can allow them to remain retained.

Thereafter, know about the activities that your competitors perform. In other words, perform a SWOT analysis to research their strengths and weaknesses to gain perspective into the elements that are missing and whose successful addition will boost value for you.

2. Implement a Unique Design Strategy

Choose a design strategy that ensures maximum user engagement. This is possible through the competitor analysis that you perform.

Make sure you do this as carefully as possible. This will enable more customers to remain engaged with your app. It will also ensure that order placement and delivery take place smoothly.

3. Enable App with Standout Features

Try to add the best set of features to your app so that customers, delivery drivers, and the store can easily connect.

grocery app features

#Customer App

  • Social login to enable customers easily enter the platform and use the app.
  • Advanced search filter to help customers find stores nearby and locate items too.
  • Live track to help the user know order status in real-time.

#Delivery Boy App

  • Get order requests in real-time.
  • Accept/reject order requests as per the flexibility.
  • Earning history to get details of earnings.

#Store Panel

  • Order management to keep updated about the different orders.
  • Reports and analytics to keep updated with areas for improvement, reviews, etc.
  • Revenue management to monitor revenues generated through the deliveries.

4. Embrace Custom Grocery Delivery App Development Services

The last crucial step while building an app on the lines of Shipt and Instacart is embracing custom grocery delivery app development services. Partner with a country offshore. Their assistance will help you a lot in terms of saving costs for infrastructure. It will aid you to focus on operations.

However, here are some pointers you should remember before choosing a company.

  • Check their reviews on sites like Clutch, GoodFirms, etc.
  • Assess their portfolio.
  • Examine the technologies the developers are proficient in.

Ending Words

Shipt and Instacart app have revolutionized the grocery delivery business to a great extent creating competition between the two. We have discussed the points of similarities and differences between the two platforms listing out what helps them stand unique. In case you are in plans of accomplishing profits along the lines of these two apps, get in touch with a dedicated partner today. Empower your business with custom grocery delivery app development services to automate operations and streamline the way customers place orders.

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