Steps to Follow to Develop Supermarket App like Ocado

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  • April 18, 2023
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Due to the busy life of people today, the on-demand business model has accomplished popularity. This has led to offerings such as purchasing groceries, booking cabs, and so on to observe a transformation in how these tasks get performed. In short, people need to enter an app, place a few taps, add the items they want to purchase to the cart, and, after payment, get it delivered to their doorstep.

This is something that has led to the prominence of these solutions growing. If we have to point out the names of some popular grocery delivery platforms that revolutionized the process of grocery purchase, top online grocery apps like Ocado, Walmart, etc. win.

In this article, we will introduce you to the solution, explaining the nature of its popularity that has helped it entice the attention of those running an offline supermarket store. This is in the quest to develop an app along the lines of Ocado.

After completing this article, you will be better knowledgeable about the strategies whose incorporation will support supermarkets, particularly those running offline digitized operations.

Introducing You to Ocado App

The popular grocery delivery app in UK, the Ocado app was launched in 2009 for the iOS platform.

Subsequently, in 2010, the app was launched on its android counterpart. Thereafter, it has streamlined how customers order groceries and get them delivered to their doorstep.

Through the platform shipping over 375,000 orders per week, it is a platform that over 75% of customers rely upon for quick orders and delivery of household items.

Having simple operation and unique features the platform is one you can rely upon if you are looking for a solution that keeps transparency intact during grocery purchases.

about ocado app

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Why Ocado App Popular? – Know Reasons

Several factors contribute to the popularity of supermarket app like Ocado. We have enlisted them below.

1. Unique Business Model

Grocery app like Ocado incorporates these business models to enable smooth operations for the platform and allow the purchase and delivery-related tasks to take place smoothly.

  • Aggregator model: where apps act as a mediator between customer and store to enable the former get a list of stores nearby so they can easily place orders and get them delivered.
  • Grocery chain apps model: whose ownership is done through the supermarkets to allow it to boost their visibility.
  • Marketplace apps model: where grocery business owners get delivery staff onboard to carry out delivery-related tasks.
  • Single store app model: where a grocery store owner solely manages the sale of items through their store.

2. Out-of-the-Box Features

The on-demand grocery app contains features to enable grocery orders, purchases, and delivery to take place smoothly. Additionally, they also ensure that customers can easily find supermarket stores nearby.

Customer App Delivery Boy App Store Panel
Easy Signup/login Set availability Store management
Advanced search filter Get customer details Time slot management
Multiple payment mode Set delivery status Reports & analytics
Add to cart Earning history Revenue management
Order for someone else In-app chat/calling Payment management

3. Easy Operations

The on demand grocery app like Ocado has easy operations. We have enlisted below in the pointers on this aspect.

  • Customer enters the app and selects the items they wish to order adding them to the cart thereafter.
  • They then choose a mode of payment from different options and make payment.
  • The store receives order request. Subsequently, they accept it and get a driver on board.
  • The driver receives the pickup request and accepts it after which they reach the store to pick the order up.
  • The user is notified of this and gets the flexibility to track the order until its arrival.
  • Order arrives & the customer and delivery driver can share a rating and provide a review to one another.

How to Develop Supermarket App like Ocado?

Are you in plans to develop a grocery app like Ocado by leveraging the best techniques during grocery delivery app development services? Follow the steps below.

develop ocado app

• Document Your Needs

First and foremost document your needs. Here it is recommended to conduct competitor research followed by educating yourself on the concerns that your customers have. With the comprehensive knowledge that you gain of these aspects, you can successfully get an idea of the app design strategy to implement.

Here you can alternatively follow these points-

  • Get acquainted with features that are missing and locate if their addition will drive value for you.
  • Check the level of satisfaction that customers have with the current solution and understand what allows them to remain engaged.
  • Understand techniques that your competitors implement to keep the end-users retained within your solution.

• Document Your Needs

It is imperative to incorporate a unique design strategy. Work towards implementing a user-friendly one so that maximum customers remain engaged to your platform.

Assess what your competitors are doing, followed by gaining perspective into what your customers’ concerns are. It will help you create a design plan which in the end enables maximum user retention to take place.

• Enter Development Stage

Now, after you have gotten foresight on the activities that your competitors are performing, followed by concerns your customers have, try to get hold of a design strategy. Here, it is recommended to work towards incorporating one that is user-friendly.

Thereafter, enter the development process wherein you work towards creating the front and back end of your app and getting its testing done so that you know if there are any bugs, etc.

• Use Relevant Technologies

It is next imperative to make use of relevant technologies. This will allow your application to function flawlessly. It will alternatively ensure that your customers can interact with the app without any form of challenges whatsoever.

  • Back-end – PHP
  • Front-end – Objective-C, Java
  • Push notifications – Firebase, Twilio
  • 3rd party apps – Google Map
  • Database – MongoDB
  • Payments – Stripe, PayPal, and Braintree
  • Real-time analytics – Google Analytics
  • Cloud environment – AWS

• Perform Testing

This is the next stage that you need to follow during Ocado app development. Here, it is a good idea to check if your app is functioning effectively. This follows next by gaining perspective into if there are any possible bugs within.

When there are any discrepancies detected the app is rectified so that your users remain retained to your platform for a considerably long time.

• Integrate Ocado Clone App into Operations

Probably a cost-effective method that you can implement during on-demand grocery delivery app development services, it is recommended to develop a grocery app clone, the readymade, and ready-to-launch solution to enable quick launch for your grocery startup. It will also ensure that your brand value goes up in a reasonably short time.

It is to be noted here that the Ocado clone app is a solution that will particularly make these aspects achievable. This is because of its modifiable nature which in the end will enable you to address your business and your customer needs as they spring in the future. However before you integrate it, remember to observe if it has been created using a 100% licensed source code, if it is modifiable, and so on. Once you receive a green signal on these, you can use them to your business’s benefit.

What is the Cost to Develop Ocado App-Like Solution?

When you want to streamline grocery delivery services for your customers on the lines of this popular grocery delivery platform, the financial aspect is to consider. Therefore, when we have to get a rough figure for the cost to develop Ocado app-like solution, the total will be as follows-

  • Eastern Europe – $85 to $160 per hour
  • South Africa – $60 to $275 per hour
  • India – $15 to $90
  • UI/UX design – $1800 to $3000
  • Technical documentation – $800 to $2000
  • QA & testing – $1500 to $4500
  • Front-end and back-end development – $8000 to $20,000
  • iOS & Android app development- $12,000 to $15,000
cost to build ocado app

Summing Up

In the coming years, the online grocery app industry would see profits double. Thanks to platforms like Ocado, the revenues market will make will be huge. Therefore, it is the right time to invest in this market. Get the readymade Ocado clone app. Partner with us to make this journey pleasant. We will develop grocery app clone to aid your grocery startup gain a competitive edge. With our development experts here at your assistance, you can be sure that your supermarket app on the lines of this grocery delivery app in UK will enable your supermarket business to get boosted visibility and earn more customers in a reasonably short time.

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