Top 10 Popular Grocery Apps in Sweden – Know Their Success Mantra

popular grocery delivery apps in sweden
  • Ankit Patel Ankit Patel
  • February 07, 2023
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After COVID-19 came to an end, the online grocery marketplace observed its popularity growing manifold. Statista stated that the user penetration rate in the region has gone up by a huge number and it shall go on to accomplish figures of 35.4% by 2023. These figures are enough to depict the lucrative prospect these solutions have at the moment

Known as a country promoting sustainability; it comes as no surprise thus that people living in this Nordic region will be attracted to making decisions that are sustainability conscious. This is why they look into the modes of delivery while availing of these services as well.

Hence, if you are in the quest to start a grocery venture there in Sweden or are in plans to digitize your operations, congratulations you are at the right place.

In this article, we have brought forth the ten most popular grocery delivery apps in Sweden that have helped the grocery market flourish there with utmost ease and smoothness. Upon reading it, you will get a first hands view of how they have supported the grocery delivery business in terms of growth and profits.

Grocery Apps – Swedish Market Stats

Before we present you with the popular ten grocery apps in Sweden, it is recommended that you know Swedish market stats first.

Top 10 Game-Changing Grocery Apps in Sweden

Have a look at these 10 game-changing grocery apps in Sweden that have revolutionized the way people shop from grocery stores in the Nordic region, alongside creating a digital transformation to the grocery delivery business there.

popular grocery apps

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#1 MatHem

Founded in 2009, MatHem comes first in our list of popular ten grocery apps in Sweden that have transformed the way customers shop for grocery products.

Known for having a diverse category of products starting from fruits, and vegetables, to baked products, the app makes it possible for customers to place orders for the same and get its delivery done.

At the same time, the order delivery is made possible in recyclable biodegradable paper bags through an in-house logistics team.

• Features

  • Schedule order for later so that the customer can easily order the items that they want for a later date.
  • Order history to enable the end-user to get the information of the past orders they made.
  • In-app chat and calling to allow customer and delivery driver to connect with each other via the app without either of them revealing their private contact details to one another.
  • Real-time notifications to allow user, delivery driver, and store to be notified of the different delivery stages until the groceries get delivered.

#2 Matsmart

Second on our list is Matsmart. It is reputed for providing surplus grocery products to customers at discounted prices. This is followed by making available food products to customers so that food wastage and other such incidents get mitigated completely.

Here is something that makes the platform stand out from the rest. Matsmart is known for keeping sustainability at its forefront. This is by making available surplus food available to customers so that wastage and other such incidents do not occur at all.

• Features

  • Advanced search filter to make the process of order placement simplified.
  • Social login to enable the user to easily login to the platform and start using the app.
  • Order now or later for providing flexibility to the customer to place the order for the groceries either now or for a later date.
  • Order for someone else to support the customers to place order for their friends or family members.

#3 Kavall

Founded in 2021, Kavall comes third on our list of popular grocery delivery apps in Sweden. This is due to its swift and ultra-fast multi-category grocery delivery services. The platform is known for delivering items like snacks, sweets, drinks, etc.

Available on Android and iOS; the app makes grocery deliveries possible for customers through an electric bike. This is something that sets the platform apart from other Swedish online grocery stores.

• Features

  • Grocery delivery within ten minutes so customers can avoid waiting for long.
  • Register on the waiting list to enable users to add their details in the wait-list so that once they are eligible to use the platform, they can avail the services there.
  • Find local grocery stores for making it convenient for end-users to locate stores that are available near them.
  • Add to cart to make the order checkout process streamlined.

#4 Vembla

Founded in 2019, coming fourth on our list is Vembla. Known for standing true to its mantra ‘Shop in seconds, delivered in minutes’, the platform is reputed for making swift grocery and medicine deliveries available to its customers living in Sweden.

The platform alternatively makes it possible for customers to get access to the expiry dates of the products before they purchase them alongside delivering items through green vehicles.

• Features

  • Multiple payment modes for making the payment process simplified for end-users.
  • Get expiry date of products so that the purchase of items can be done easily.
  • Create wishlist to allow users conceive a list of items they want to purchase for a later date.
  • Know ETA to aid the customer get idea of the expected time by when they can expect their groceries to arrive.


Fifth on our list of popular grocery delivery apps in Sweden comes The online grocery delivery app solutions is known for providing meals, alongside assorted produce to customers through the medium of refrigerated boxes.

The platform is particularly known for possessing packaging warehouses in Vastra Frolunda, Gothenburg, etc. alongside other regions in Stockholm. Simultaneously, it is popular due to making the process of sourcing meals from suppliers simplified. This is followed by making good dispatch easily possible on the same day without holding inventory.

• Features

  • Multiple item categories to make the order placement simplified.
  • Inventory management for supporting stores to manage their inventories in a reasonably easy way.
  • Reports and analytics to aid the grocery shops in keeping a strict watch on the profits, and their performance.
  • Earning report to enable the delivery drivers get a first-hand report of their earnings through the deliveries.

#6 Stockfiller

Many apps make grocery deliveries easy and swift. However, if we have to cite a platform that allows the store to track the sale of items; Stockfiller wins the day. The platform is known for aiding the Swedish online grocery store to monitor orders and manage them alongside keeping a track of the deliveries as well.

A noteworthy element of the platform is its ability to support grocery stores in automating operations and making tasks like order management, and delivery management seamless and smooth.

• Features

  • Order management for supporting the groceires in managing their orders in an automated way.
  • Warehouse management to keep track of the operations of the warehouse simplistically.
  • Invoice generation to aid the user get full information of their bill on the orders placed.
  • Reports and analytics for enabling the store to know about their performance and their sales.

#7 NorthFork

Seventh on our list comes NorthFork. Popular as an AI-powered shopping list builder, NorthFork is known for supporting customers create a grocery list based on recipes that online grocery retailers make available to them.

It is also popular for aiding the stores to boost their profits, enhance the user-engagement level, and most importantly, increase the level of loyalty of customers towards their services.

• Features

  • Smart cart to make the shopping process streamlined for users.
  • Multiple payment modes to make the order payment simplifed.
  • Shop by recipe so that grocery lists become easy to create and conceive.
  • Live chat to enable user chat with the business in real-time and get queries related to the app clarified.

#8 Matspar

Founded in the year 2015, Matspar is another popular Swedish online grocery store that is known for its support in acting as a platform that makes it easy to compare prices online for customers when they shop for grocery baskets.

This is followed by supporting end-users in comparing prices of the grocery baskets they choose from different other baskets that may be present in the listed stores.

• Features

  • Store listing based on postal code to allow customer easily locate stores that are nearby them.
  • Compare prices to make the shopping process easy and financially saving.
  • Know product in-stock availability so that customer can be enlightened if the item is available or not.
  • Direct to store for orders and payments so that grocery order placement takes place easily.

#9 Whywaste

Popular data-driven solution Whywaste is known for its data-driven approach towards providing solutions to grocery stores so that wastage of items during shipping etc gets mitigated.

This is followed by enabling the customers to track the expiry date of items, alongside giving aid to the stores to know their performance on a daily/weekly/monthly/yearly basis.

• Features

  • Warehouse management for making warehouse operations easy to manage.
  • Track expiry date so it becomes possible to know the exact date by when the item will lose its value.
  • Reports and analytics for performance and profit tracking.
  • Waste management to ensure any item that might not be useful are removed immediately.

#10 TradeBay

Last on our list of popular grocery delivery apps in Sweden is TradeBay. Founded in 2020, the platform makes fruit delivery and selling a seamless task.

It is particularly reputed for providing empowerment to buyers and sellers to seamlessly connect, purchase fruits, and so on.

• Features

  • Negotiate deals in real-time so that order placement takes place smoothly.
  • Deals and offers to attract customers to the items and make the engagement process smooth.
  • Live chat for enabling real-time conversations between customer and the business.
  • Sales management for streamlining the sales process for fruit vendors.

Want to Set Base for Your New Swedish Online Grocery Store?

Looking at these examples, we are sure you must be awe-inspired to set a base too for your very own Swedish online grocery store. To go about this, keep these points handy.

  • Conduct thorough market research on your competitors and target market to understand the areas of concern that the latter faces, alongside gaining insight into the apps that the former has created.
  • Ideate an app design strategy that captivates maximum user’s attention towards you.
  • Choose features that are unique and allow grocery delivery services to take place smoothly.
  • Connect with a company that can support you in the endeavor to develop grocery app clones.

So you can accomplish scalability and growth in a short time alongside getting the ability to fulfill your business and customer needs as they spring up in the future.

Moving On

So you know how to successfully build yourself as an owner of a flourishing grocery delivery business in Sweden. It is relevant now you know the cost to build grocery app clones in Sweden. This is because, as a startup owner, it does not make sense to spend extraneously on building an app from scratch.

Cost to Build Grocery App Clones in Sweden

The cost to build grocery app clones in Sweden ranges between $30,000 to $60,000. Here you need to note that the budget might unfavorably go up for you if the features you include are unnecessary, the complexity of the platform is too much to handle, and so on. Therefore, it is a good idea to get your business empowered with the ready-to-launch custom on-demand apps like groceries from a company offshore As a result of the app compiling all modifiable features; when you partner with the organization once they have comprehended your requirements, you can be sure that you will have to pay only for the services you avail. This will allow you in the end to keep your finances within check in the best possible way.

grocery app contact us

Wrapping Up

After COVID-19, on-demand apps like groceries for instance have seen their popularity skyrocketing. Especially in Sweden where sustainability is the call of the town, these apps have come about as a blessing in disguise not only for shoppers but for business owners too. This is through the support it has provided the latter in automating their operations, and other related tasks. In the article, we have presented you with the ten apps that have particularly made this possible. In case you are in the endeavor to accomplish something similar, share your vision with us. Our team of experts will get back to you with their specialized expertise in grocery delivery app development services. This is through swift grocery deliveries that the platform makes available to customers so profits also keep pouring in.

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