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With our ready-to-use and easily customizable on demand grocery delivery app development services, kick-start your online grocery delivery business right away. Get it customized; integrate as many features as you want as per your business needs and expand your business horizons. XLGrocery is designed with the most advanced technology just like other highly used order grocery online apps, to meet the daily grocery needs of the end-users.


Our Groceristry

Empower Your Online Grocery Delivery Business

Dreaming to develop grocery app clone like InstaShop clone app? Connect with XongoLab, a highly-reputed grocery delivery app development company. XongoLab’s XLGrocery is a highly reliable grocery delivery app solution generating leads, maximizes profits, and stays ahead of the existing competitors.

While embracing the latest technology, we create feature-rich online grocery booking app with hi-tech and readymade grocery delivery app solution. We step into your shoes and consider your mission as ours. Our dedicated team of highly skilled designers and developers employ their years of experience to create a money-spinning grocery delivery platform for you. Every grocery ordering app development solution build at XongoLab has an interactive user-interface and is bug-free ensuring matchless browsing experience for your app users.

Why We Are

Achieve A Measurable Result Via Our Grocery Delivery App Development Services

The exponential upsurge in the figure of the global mobile app users has resulted in the transformation of the traditional businesses into online ones. With our readymade order and buy grocery delivery app automates your brick and mortar grocery delivery business. NNow, within a limited budget, you can realize your ideation into a robust online grocery delivery app, as our ready-to-use online grocery delivery clone app – XLGrocery is available at a cost-effective rate.

At XongoLab, we follow an end-to-end process during app design and development to develop grocery app. This is to ascertain you escalate your business via our top-notch grocery delivery app development services. Using the latest cutting-edge technologies, it becomes seamless to maintain the essence of your existing app. Being a trusted grocery delivery app development company, when you channel our app development services, you get a grocery app that is loaded with the best set of features so you earn profits.


Grocery Delivery Models

Business Revolution from An XLGrocery Solution

For business survival, constant up-gradation of the business is very essential. We are known for developing a robust solution for the revolution of your business. From our grocery delivery app development services, increase your customer base and manage your entire grocery delivery business via a Smartphone.

Grocery Delivery Startups

Buy grocery delivery app and kick-start your digital grocery delivery business.

Multi-chain Grocery Stores

Stay ahead of competition using the InstaShop clone app and seamlessly manage the multi-chain grocery stores

Single Grocery Store

Boost visibility of your grocery store via our readymade grocery app to allow customers to easily buy grocery online.

Functioning of XLGrocery

How Does Our
On Demand Grocery Delivery App Work?

To set a benchmark in the digital grocery delivery industry, you must make sure that the workflow of your grocery app clone is seamless. It must be capable of receiving unlimited orders at a time.


User can sign-up/log-in using his email id or phone number. Social media credentials can also be used for instant login.

Step 01
Browse Products & Place Order

Using the advanced search and filter option user can search the required product quickly and add the selected ones to his cart. Once selected, he can place his order.

Step 02
Order or Schedule Grocery

Users can book a grocery delivery for the same day or schedule it for a later day as per their convenience and flexibility and have it delivered on the scheduled timeline.

Step 03
Payment Options

With several secured payment gateways integrated into your grocery app clone, the user enjoys complete flexibility. He can make payments through his preferred payment option.

Step 04
Receive Order

On confirmation of the order, the grocery store owner despatches the order so that the user can receive his order right at his door-step.

Step 05
Feedback & Rating

As per his experience right from sign-up to browsing products, placing order and receiving them, the user can share his feedback or rate the service.

Step 06

App Screens

A Glimpse of Our
App Screenshots

Want to know how to build grocery delivery clone app that delivers best in line grocery delivery services to customers? Harness our experience in developing grocery app clone like InstaShop clone app to get a high-quality app development solution that can efficiently handle huge user traffic. Using our readymade grocery delivery app source code, you can enhance user engagement and streamline profits with a user-centric UX and UI design.

User App

Customer App Features

XLGrocery is a ready-made online grocery delivery app solution that brings customers, grocery owners, and delivery partners under one roof. The customer can order groceries by registering on the app through the customer panel. It contains all the essential functionalities which help a user get complete control over what he orders and the history of the orders.

Profile Management

Users can easily manage their profile after the sign-up with their mobile number or email.

Filter Groceries

Several groceries can be searched and filtered by the user with ease.

Shopping Cart

Using this feature user can add groceries to the cart and checkout to place orders.

Track Order & History

Check orders placed and past orders history in real-time with a unique track number.

Payment Gateways

Make online payments with multiple options like debit card, credit card, PayPal, or COD.

Reviews and Ratings

Registered users of the app can provide feedback and ratings in the app itself.

Partner App

Grocery Owner App Features

We provide readymade grocery delivery app source code at an affordable cost with lots of customizations. The panel designed for grocery owners has in it everything that a grocery shopkeeper needs to manage his orders and stock. This dashboard consists of powerful functions which help a grocery owner to regulate groceries, transactions, delivery of groceries, etc. in an efficient manner. He can also communicate with his customers through the chat feature.

Stock Management

The stock record of groceries added and sold is easy to manage.

Order Notification Bar

The grocery owner gets notifications on the spot about new orders.

Order Confirmation

Orders can be confirmed or rejected with one tap by the grocery owner.

Payment Protection

Our app has the mechanism to safeguard payment from online theft.

Chat Support

24/7 availability of customer support via chat.


Customers can give their feedback on the app itself.


Delivery Boy

Delivery Boy Features

In this modern era, most customers like to order groceries from the comfort of their homes. Once the customer places order for groceries through XLGrocery, the grocery vendor will deliver the order with the help of a delivery partner. The delivery man or partner will receive information about the order to be delivered. This panel helps the person delivering the groceries in regulating deliveries and tracking important information which makes the task easy.


The registration and verification of the user’s profile are complete with one tap.

Order Handling

Users can check the order requests and confirm or reject the order.

Location Track

The delivery personnel can locate the delivery address with a GPS locator hassle-free.

Live Status-Updates

The users get updates on the status of the order progress in real-time.

Delivery Update

The order delivered, undelivered, or refused is updated in the app on the spot.

Digital Payment

Payments can be received immediately by the delivery person with an integrated digital wallet.

Partner Panel

Grocery Owner Panel Features

A number of things need to be managed by the individual or entity owning the grocery business. These features offer the flexibility to store owner to regulate multiple aspects of the grocery store. They help in managing the business with ease which saves time and resources and brings up the profitability ratio. A variety of settings can be performed in order to regulate the business in an efficient manner.

Add Other Admins

The grocery owner panel allows the shopkeeper to add other people who can regulate the different aspects of the store.

Modify or Delete Items

As per the availability of the items, app owner can add/remove the items & can also, made changes to existing items with prices.

Manage Categories

Via panel, owner can change the categories of groceries he is providing to customers. Also, categories can be added or completely removed.

Approve/Reject Orders

When order is received from the customer, the grocery owner can approve/reject the order based on the availability of the items.

Create Coupons

This feature allows the owner to create discount or promo codes to offer discount to the customers. 

Manage Delivery Boy

Using this feature, the owner can add delivery boys who will be delivering groceries on the behalf of the business.



Admin Panel Features

XongoLab is finest grocery delivery app development company, which created XLGrocery app to keeping the needs of all the parties involved. To manage the other three parties including customer, grocery owner, and delivery partner, admin panel has been formulated. It provides useful insights into the grocery business by providing important statistics related to orders placed.

Profile Creation

Using this feature vendors can complete the sign-up process and create their profiles for business use.

Order Management

The orders can be initiated and assigned to the different delivery personnel according to availability.


The admin can manage the store and view orders placed and delivered with payments received in one place.

Notification Bar

The notification bar updates the admin about the store activities in real-time.

Loyalty Program

Registered users of the app get curated offers and coupons at the earliest.


This feature lets you know the number of registered users, orders placed, leads generated, etc.


What We Offer

Check Out How We Make Grocery Delivery Processes Simplified

We empower you with iOS and Android apps alongside an interactive admin panel when you connect with us for your on demand grocery delivery app clone. This is to ascertain customers can find grocery stores nearby, shop and order items conveniently, and get them delivered to the doorstep and you can effectively manage your operations.


iOS Applications

  • Customer App
  • Grocery Owner App
  • Delivery Boy App

Android Apps

  • Customer App
  • Grocery Owner App
  • Delivery Boy App

Web Panel

  • Partner Panel
  • Admin Panel

Full Source Code

  • iOS Apps
  • Android Apps
  • Web Panels

Our Clients


Grocery Delivery App (India)

Enabling customers to hire a personal driver to get their grocery items at doorstep delivered at a fast pace, the FreshnFast app’s development is done.

text iOS
text Android
Client Words

I am extremely happy with the quality of services they provided in our project. The support they provided us round-the-clock was extraordinary. We hope to work with them again.


Our Clients


Grocery Delivery App (Libya)

Want quick groceries anytime anywhere? Boxy makes it easy for customers to get delivery of household items at a fast pace.

text iOS
text Android
Client Words

We are very happy with the services we received. Extraordinary support. We are extremely grateful for the support they gave us and look forward to associating with them again.


Technology Stack

Cutting-edge Technology Employed To Deliver Perfect
Grocery Delivery Solutions

Check out the tech stacks our developers and designers employed during grocery delivery app development services to allow robust app functioning and prevent incidents of crashes.

Flutter Flutter
React Native React Native
Kotlin Kotlin
Swift Swift
Java Java
Ionic Ionic
Firebase Firebase
Backbone.JS Backbone.JS
Angular.JS Angular.JS
Vue.JS Vue.JS
Node.JS Node.JS
MongoDB MongoDB
PostgreSQL PostgreSQL
Google Cloud Google Cloud
Amazon AWS Amazon AWS
text text

Payment Gateway

We Provide Multiple Payment Gateways
For Fast Checkout

We use the following payment gateways during grocery delivery app development services so secure payments can happen for grocery items ordered by customers.


Available in Brazil


Available in Turkey


Available in Kazakhstan


Available in Worldwide


Available in Worldwide


Available in Malasiya


Available in Worldwide


Available in Indoneisa


Available in Brazil


Available in India


Available in Worldwide


Available in India


Available in this Country

  • Japan
  • Thailand
  • Singapore

Available in this Country

  • UAE
  • Qutar
  • Egypt
  • Lebanona
  • Jordan
  • South Arabia

Available in this Country

  • Mexico
  • Ecuador
  • Venezuela
  • Colombia
  • Brazil
  • Chile

Available in this Country

  • Nigeria
  • Kenya
  • Ghana
  • South Africa
  • United States


Increase Visibility Of Your Grocery App
With These Add-Ons

To get the maximum downloads for your app and to keep the end-users engaged for a long time; you need to integrate a few advanced features. Advanced features may affect the overall grocery app development cost, but in the long run those features will boost your app’s visibility.

Manage Address
AI-powered Chatbots

Leveraging latest technologies, this feature interacts with the users and responds instantly to their inquiries.

Payment Integration
Reward Points

Reward your app users with reward points on every purchase made by them to retain them.

Social Media Integration

Using this feature, users can land directly on their social media page & share their feedback & experience there.

Bill Estimation

Lets the app users use the app in the language through which he can access the app easily.

Favorite Store
Multi Currency

This key feature enables your customers to make payment in the currency he prefers to.

Integration of Social Network
In-App Wallet

Give your app users a flexible payment option and let them enjoy easy purchases anytime.

Manage Address
Advanced Search Button

Using this feature, your app users can search for the desired & favorite product in min time.

Payment Integration
Easy Checkout

Your customers save their bank details & they can make payments & checkout instantly as per product selected.

Voice Command

Instead of typing the product’s name, the user can search for their items easily via voice command feature.

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Frequently Asked

What is XLGrocery?

XLGrocery is a ready-to-use solution built at India’s most popular grocery delivery app development company – XongoLab. It is preconfigured with all the basic features and essential functioning that is needed by an app to perform flawlessly.

How can the XLGrocery help my grocery business grow?

Our all-encompassing XLGrocery has been crafted and developed using the latest technology. Our interactive and unique grocery delivery app is equipped with all the essential features that should be present in an online grocery app. XLGrocery enables you to build a perpetual brand image.

What will be the grocery app development cost?

The overall cost to develop a grocery clone app like InstaShop clone app depends on the features you want to integrate. The more the complexities and the number of features are the more will be its development cost. With our tailor-made XLGrocery, you can own an on demand grocery delivery app at a cost-effective price. Contact us for more details.

Can the app be developed as per my requirements?

Yes. Just get in touch with us and share your ideation and requirements to receive grocery delivery mobile app as per your needs. Our developers and designers will develop a fully-functional grocery app clone in the manner you want. We can even upgrade and modify your existing app with the functionalities or features you want to add.

How much is the on demand grocery delivery app development time?

With our ready-made grocery ordering app development solutions, you hit the digital platform within 10 days. The app development time depends on the factors like:

  • App size and type
  • Customization of functionalities
  • Number of features to be integrated
  • Number of development team members

Is it possible to update my app with new products, images and content?

Yes, you can. Using the admin dashboard, you can add or delete anything that you want to in no time.

Can I get support after the app launch?

Yes, you can get 6 months of support after the app is launched in case you face any issues or problems with running the app or the functionality of the app.

Can you develop a multiple platform compatible grocery delivery app?

Of course. Our developers can build an app that can easily run on iOS and Android platforms. Also, if you want, we can design the app in a web app format.